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Whirlpool WED560LHW
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WARNING: To reduce the risk of re, electric shock, or injury to persons,
read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS, located in your
appliance’s Owner’s Manual, before operating this appliance.

Dryer Quick Start Guide

Fire Hazard
No washer can completely remove oil.
Do not dry anything that has ever had any type of
oil on it (including cooking oils).
Items containing foam, rubber, or plastic must be
dried on a clothesline or by using an Air Cycle.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in
death or fire.
Step 1. Clean Lint Screen
Step 2. Load Clothes
Step 3. Turn Power On
Step 4. Close Door; then Select Cycle
and Settings
Step 5. Press START/PAUSE

Online Ordering Information

For information on any of the following items, a full cycle guide, warranty, detailed product dimensions, or for complete instructions for use and installation, please visit https://www.whirlpool.com/owners, or in Canada https://www.whirlpool.ca/owners. This may save you the cost of a service call.
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However, if you need to contact us, use the information listed below for the appropriate region.
United States:
Whirlpool Brand Home Appliances
Customer eXperience Center
553 Benson Road
Benton Harbor, MI 49022–2692
Whirlpool Brand Home Appliances
Customer eXperience Centre
200–6750 Century Ave.
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 0B7
For detailed installation instruction and maintenance information, winter storage, and transportation tips, please see the Owner’s Manual included with your machine.
Button Descriptions
Touch to turn the dryer on and off. Touch to stop/cancel a cycle at any
Once a “What to Dry” is selected, the dryer automatically selects
the recommended or last-used “How to Dry” option, as well as
the recommended/last-used modiers. Both the “How to Dry” and
modiers can be changed if desired. See the Online “Cycle Guide” for
Touch and hold until LED counts down “3-2-1” and the dryer starts;
then let go to start a cycle, or touch once while a cycle is in process
to pause it.
Use to select available modiers for your dryer. Not all cycles and
options are available on all models. See the Online “Cycle Guide” for
When using Timed Dry/Quick Cycle, you may select a dry temperature
based on the type of load you are drying. Use the warmest setting
that is acceptable for the garments in the load. Follow garment label
NOTE: Automatic Cycles will give you up to 4 temperatures to adjust,
depending on the “What to Dry” or “How to Dry” selections that have
been made.
You may adjust the Dryness on Automatic Cycles (except for the
Sanitize cycle), if desired.
NOTE: Dryness is for use with Automatic Cycles only.
More Time/Less Time
Touch More Time or Less Time with Timed Dry/Quick Dry Cycles to
increase or decrease the length of the cycle.
Use to select available options for your dryer. Not all cycles and
options are available on all models.
Wrinkle Shield™ Option
If you will be unable to remove a load immediately, touch Wrinkle
Shield™ to add up to 150 minutes of periodic tumbling to help reduce
wrinkling. You may select the “+ Steam” setting (on some models
only) to add a short steam cycle after 60 minutes to help smooth out
NOTE: If you open the dryer door prior to the end of the Wrinkle
Shield™ option, the dryer will pause.
Steam Refresh (steam models only)
This cycle is best for reducing wrinkles and odors from dry items.
Cycle time will increase, depending on number of items. This is an
independent cycle that cannot be combined with any other cycle.
Cycle Signal
Use this to turn the signal indicating the end of a drying cycle to low,
medium, high, or off. The volume you select here will also be applied
to the Damp Dry Signal.
NOTE: You may also turn off the tones that sound when a feature,
setting, or option is touched. Touch and hold Cycle Signal for about
3 seconds to turn sounds to low, medium, high, or off.
Damp Dry Signal
Touch to select the Damp Dry Signal on or off. When selected, a
series of beeps will sound when the load is damp, but not completely
dry. This will allow you to take clothes out of the load that do not need
to dry completely. The Damp Dry Signal is selected as a default for the
Bulky Items cycles, as a reminder to manually reposition bulky loads
midway through the cycle. This option is not available for all cycles.
See the online “Cycle Guide” for details.
Reduce Static
(on some models)
Touch to add this option to selected
Automatic Cycles. The dryer will automatically
tumble, pause, and introduce a small amount
of moisture into the load to help reduce static.
This option adds approximately 3 minutes to
the total cycle time
Control Lock
Use this option to lock the controls of the
dryer and avoid an unintended change in cycle options or preferences
during a drying cycle. Touch and hold Control Lock or Damp Dry
Signal (depending on the model) for 3 seconds to lock or unlock the
controls of the dryer. During this time, the LED Display will count down
“3-2-1.” Once the controls are locked, the LED Display will display
NOTE: The Control Lock function may be enabled when recovering
from a power failure. To unlock the control, touch and hold Control
Lock or Damp Dry Signal (depending on the model) for at least 3
EcoBoost™ Option
The EcoBoost™ option will default on only for the Regular/Normal
cycle and is only available on that cycle. This option allows you to
increase your energy savings by using a slightly lower heat level. The
EcoBoost™ option will increase drying times by approximately 40
minutes, which will be reected on the LED display. If optimal time is
desired, touch ECOBOOST to turn off this option.
When you select a cycle, its default settings will light up and the
estimated time remaining (for Automatic Cycles) will vary depending
on “What to Dry” and “How to Dry” selections or actual time
remaining for Timed Dry cycles (for Manual Cycles) will be displayed.
The Cycle Status indicators show the progress of a cycle. Not all
indicators are available on all models.
The Sensing indicator will light periodically during Sensor Cycles
to indicate that the moisture sensor on the dryer is operating. This
indicator will not light during Timed Cycles or options such as Wrinkle
Shield™ Option.
The load is still wet and/or the cycle just started.
This indicator shows that the load is partially dried and items that you
may wish to hang up or iron while still damp may be removed.
Cool Down
The dryer has nished drying with heat and is now tumbling the load
without heat to cool it down and reduce wrinkling.
Check Vent
The Check Vent indicator is a feature available for Automatic Cycles
only. This indicator will show the status of airow through the dryer
and the dryer
vent system for the dryer’s life. During the sensing phase at the
beginning of the cycle, the Check Vent light will come on if a blocked
vent or low airow issue is detected. This light will stay on for the
entire cycle. Should the Check Vent light illuminate, refer to the Online
“Troubleshooting” section for potential solutions to the issue. The
light will be cleared upon completion of the cycle, touching Power,
or opening the door. The Check Vent light will continue to illuminate
during the cycle unless the root cause is resolved.
NOTE: The dryer will continue to operate even while the indicator is
lit, but poor airow can impact dry times and overall performance. See
“Check Your Vent System for Good Airow” in the Owner’s Manual.
NOTE: If there are other error issues during a cycle, the Check Vent
indicator will not light up. See the Online “Troubleshooting” section.
This will indicate that the selected cycle has ended and the load
may be removed from the dryer. If Wrinkle Shield™ Option has been
selected, the dryer may continue to tumble the load, even if “End” is
Control Lock
This will illuminate once the controls are locked.
W11550663AExplosion HazardKeep flammable materials and vapors, such as gasoline, away from dryer.Do not dry anything that has ever had anythingflammable on it (even after washing).Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, explosion, or fire.
Cycle Guide - Normal Cycle
This dryer has a unique user interface to help you select the best cycle you need for your load.
The “What to Dry” “How to Dry” layout guides you to the optimal cycle in two easy steps: First
determine what items are in the load that you are trying to dry. Use that to guide your “What to
Dry” selection. Then determine how you want the dryer to dry them and select the appropriate
“How to Dry” selection. Modiers are preset for the items being dried, but can be changed if
desired. To get the most energy savings and enhanced fabric care from your dryer, use the Auto-
matic cycles.
These cycles measure the drying air temperature and moisture levels to turn the dryer off once
the load reaches the selected dryness level. Dryer performance and results may vary with service
voltage less than 240 V.
Items to Dry: “What to Dry”: “How to Dry”: Description:
Baby clothes,
Blankets, Cotton
Colored napkins
Bulky Items
Normal Automatic Sensor cycle stops
when dryness level is reached.
See Online “Cycle Guide” for
NOTE: Government energy certications for this model were based on the Regular + Normal Cy-
cle, Highest temperature setting, Normal Dryness Level, EcoBoost™ On. The as-shipped defaults
were the same as the Government Energy Certication Settings except the default Temperature
Setting of Medium was adjusted to the Highest temperature setting. Cycles that are available
for post-sale download may use more energy than the Normal cycle, upon which the energy use
rating of this dryer is based upon.
Not all features, cycles, and options are available on all models. Appearance may vary.
NOTE: The control panel features a sensitive surface that responds to a light touch of your nger. To ensure your selections are
registered, touch the control panel with your nger tip, not your ngernail. When selecting a setting or option, simply touch its
Whirlpool WED560LHW

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