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Volume Control
The SpeakerCraft VSI60 is a wall mounted stereo volume control. It connects
between the speaker level output of an amplifier, receiver or speaker selector and
a pair of speakers.
Control Placement
When deciding where the volume control will be mounted in the wall, consider the
various ways it will be used. The primary listening area and the ease of running the
wire to your chosen location are the important things to keep in mind. The most
common locations to mount volume controls are by the door as you walk into the
room, next to existing wall fixtures, or in the area that you will be listening to music.
If you do not understand any part of these instructions, please contact your
SpeakerCraft dealer. Improper wiring could cause damage to your audio system.
Do not put the control into the same box as a 110V AC circuit. (i.e. light
switch, electrical outlet, etc.). Speaker wires can act as an "antenna" for electri
cal noise. Locating speaker wires too close to a light switch or dimmer may cause a
buzzing or popping sound to be heard through the speakers. If you must locate the
VSI60 near electrical devices, use a separate electrical box.
Once a location has been chosen, you may install the control after you have first
installed a standard single gang plaster ring, or a single gang electrical box (light
switch type).
Wiring the VSI60 (See Figure #1)
CAUTION: Please make sure your amplifier or receiver is off before proceeding.
The VSI60 features SpeakerCraft's LiftLock
Wire Connecting system. This system is
quicker and more secure than other methods and eliminates the need for turning
small screws.
For best results, strip the wire no more than 1/4” from the end. Push the wire com
pletely into the opening on the connector, then lift the lever using your finger or
screwdriver. This will secure the wire (see Figure #2).
If you need to remove the wire, simply push the lever down. This can be done with
your finger. but it may be easier to use a screwdriver or similar tool. With the lever
in the down position, you can pull the wire out.
1. Connect the amplifier's or receiver's left speaker output to the left
terminals of the volume controls. Please observe proper polarity of the connec
tions (+ amplifier to + input on the control).
2. Repeat step 1 for the right.
3. Connect the wires from the left speaker to the left speaker output terminals of the
volume control. Check proper polarity of wires for correct speaker phase (+ speaker to + output).
4. Repeat step 3 for right speaker connection.
If the input and output connections are reversed, the minimum setting on the volume control would present a short across
the amplifier or receiver output terminals. This may seriously damage your amplifier or receiver. Please double check steps 1
through 4. This volume control cannot be connected in series with another volume control.
Adjusting the Switch for Multiple Speakers
The VSI60 is designed so that you may run multiple pairs of speakers without damaging your amplifier or receiver. The
adjustment is made by using a switch that can be easily changed even after the control is mounted into the wall.
Please follow the recommendations in this section carefully. Failure to properly set the switch may result in
damage to your amplifier or receiver.
The label next to the switch on the VSI60 gives a minimum recommended setting for placing the switch according to how
many speakers you will be attaching to the VSI60. However, to achieve optimum performance you should follow the steps
Figure #1Figure #2Congratulations on your purchase of SpeakerCraft’s VSI60 Stereo Volume Control.The VSI60 allows you to easily add any number of speakers to your amplifier without worry of damaging it. The adjustment is simple, and can be made using a conveniently placed front-mounted switch.




VSI60 Stereo Volume Control
With Multiple-Room Switch

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