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Ninebot Gokart Kit User Manual



Thanks for choosing the Ninebot Gokart Kit, hereinafter referred to as the Gokart Kit.
The Gokart Kit is an accessory developed specifically for the Ninebot by Segway products listed below. When the Gokart Kit is attached to the appropriate Ninebot by
Segway product it becomes an electric Gokart. You must read and follow these instructions as well as the instructions provided with the applicable Ninebot by Segway
product.The Gokart kit only supports Ninebot S and Ninebot S-PRO. Other Ninebot and Segway self-balancing models are not supported.

Packing List & Diagram

User Manual & Limited Warranty
Adapter Pad
Adapter pad
Metal mold×2
Used for Ninebot S-PROUsed for Ninebot S
Metal mold×2 M5 Screw×2 M6 ScrewNut×2 Steering bar bracket
removal tool
Hex Wrenches
Tools provided to remove the steering
bar bracket
Steering wheel quick
release components
Power extension cord
4mm 5mm
6 (AA) Batteries
Ninebot S-PRONinebot S
To use the Gokart Kit the following accessory
must be purchased separately.
It can be purchased at
User Manual Limited Warranty

Riding Safety

V 1.2

1. The Gokart is a recreational product. Before mastering riding skills, you need to practice. Neither
Ninebot (Ninebot (Beijing) Tech Co., Ltd. or its subsidiaries and affiliates) nor Segway Inc. is responsible
for injuries or damage caused by a driver's inexperience or failure to follow the instructions in this User
Manual or in the New Rider Tutorial.
2. Remember as with any mode of transportation, that whenever you drive the Gokart, you risk injury or
death from loss of control, collisions, and falls. You can reduce the risk by following all the instructions
and warnings in this manual, but you cannot eliminate all the risks.
3. The Gokart kit contains small parts which can create a choking hazard. Keep small children away
from the Gokart.
Pre-Ride Checklist and Preparing for Your Drive:
1. Before each drive check and tighten any loose parts, fasteners, straps, and replace damaged
2. To avoid accidents caused by improperly inflated or worn tires, check the tire pressure on the Ninebot
S/S-PRO tires and wear on all tires before each ride. Do not touch moving or spinning tires.
3. Ensure that the battery level and vehicle operating status are within the specifications contained in
the manual of the model being used with the Gokart Kit.
4. Carefully read, understand and follow all instructions in this User Manual and watch and understand
the New Rider Tutorial in the App before your first drive. Do not attempt to drive the Gokart if you are
not able to drive in accordance with the instructions in this Manual or you risk serious injury or death.
5. Always wear appropriate shoes, clothing, and protective gear when riding. Protective gear includes
the use of a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads (not included). Use an approved bicycle or skateboard
helmet that fits properly with the chin strap in place, and provides protection for the back of your head.
Remove or tie back anything loose (i.e. clothing, hair, jewelry, etc.) that could be caught in any moving
parts. Always fasten the seat belt before riding and ensure it is securely tightened. Loose seat belt can
get stuck in the wheels.
6. Do not turn the Gokart on unless it is parked on flat ground.
Where to Drive:
1. When entering public spaces, always comply with the local laws and regulations. Only ride in areas
where you have first obtained permission from the property owner.
2. The Gokart is designed to be driven on a dry, flat, hard-surface, free of obstacles, bumps, holes, and
other hazards.
3. The kinds of surfaces which are appropriate for safe use of the toy.
4. Do not drive on roadways, near motor vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, animals, on or near steep
inclines or steps, curbs, near swimming pools, through puddles or other bodies of water. Use caution
when riding in areas with trees, posts, or fences. You must leave sufficient space between you and those
To reduce the risk of injury, adult supervision is required. Never use in roadways, near motor vehicles, on or near steep inclines or steps, swimming pools or other bodies of water; always wear shoes, and never allow more than one rider.Always fasten seat belt, wear a helmet with long hair tucked inside and wear protective gear. Loose clothing or hair can become stuck in wheels or block your vision. Wear appropriate closed toed, secure footwear. No loose clothing.Do not drive in rain or snow. When not in use, park the Gokart indoors to avoid water entering and damaging the vehicle.Comply with all local laws and regulations.
Correct dress code
Wear a helmetTie up long hair (if any)Zip up the zipperNo long skirtsWear flat shoesWear protective
No Loose
long Hair
Handbrake handle
Steering wheelBattery compartmentScalable structure of frameThrottle (right)Brake (left)BumperStatus indicatorHeadlightSteering wheel quick release componentsElectrical connectioncable plug Attachment strapsConnection tube
(with frame adjustment marking)
Strap fixing holeSeat belt
When unpacking your Gokart, please verify that the above items are included in the package. If you are missing any components, please contact your dealer/distributor or nearest service center (see Contact).
Please retain the box and packaging materials in case you need to ship your Gokart in the future.
Always power off your Gokart and unplug the power source before cleaning.
items to be able to safely pass them.
5. The Gokart is never to be ridden indoors.
6. Do not ride the Gokart at night.
7. Do not ride on any ramp or incline that exceeds the maximum slope.
8. Do not ride in the snow, rain, or on roads which are wet, muddy, icy, or that are slippery for any
reason. Do not ride over obstacles (including, but not limited to, sand, loose gravel, or sticks).
Doing so could result in a loss of balance or traction and could cause a collision.
9. Do not allow the Gokart to get wet. You risk damage to the batteries and potential for a fire or
explosion due to a wet battery pack.
How to Drive:
1. As with other vehicles, faster speeds require longer braking distance. Sudden acceleration or
braking on smooth surfaces could lead to wheel slip and collisions.
2. Be cautious and always keep a safe distance between you and others when driving. Be alert and
slow down when entering unfamiliar areas.
3. Do not allow anyone to drive your Gokart on his/her own unless he/she has carefully read this
manual, and followed the New Rider Tutorial. The safety of new riders is your responsibility. Assist
new riders until they are comfortable with the basic operation of the Gokart and make sure each
new rider wears a helmet and other protective gear.
4. To avoid distraction when driving your Gokart, do not use a cell phone, camera, headphones, ear
buds or perform any other activities while driving.
5. Be alert! Scan both far ahead and in front of you. Your eyes are your best tool for safely avoiding
obstacles and low traction surfaces (including, but not limited to, wet ground, loose sand, loose
gravel, and ice). Use caution when transitioning over differing terrain.
6. When approaching or crossing an intersection, road, corner, or gate of any kind, always slow
down and yield to others.
7. Do not drive at unsafe speeds. You must always use good judgment based on your driving skills
and the surrounding environment.
8. Always slow down when turning. Turning at a high speed can cause loss of control, possible
vehicle turn-over, and risk of injury or death.
9. Do not perform stunts of any kind. All four tires must remain on the ground at all times.
10. While driving the Gokart, always remain seated with arms and legs inside the Gokart.
11. Do not carry cargo of any kind.
12. If the Gokart makes an abnormal sound or signals an alarm while driving, stop immediately and
do not use the Gokart or Ninebot S/S-PRO until the cause of the noise/alarm has been identified
and corrected. Contact after-sales service for assistance.
Who Should Drive:
The manufacturer recommends drivers be at least 8 years old. Children under the age of 16
should only drive under adult supervision. Always follow these safety instructions:
A. People who should not drive the Gokart include:
i. Anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or intoxicants.
ii. Anyone who suffers from disease that puts himself/herself at risk if he/she engages in
strenuous physical activity.
iii. Anyone whose weight is outside the stated limits (see Specifications).
iv. Pregnant women.
B. The Gokart is intended for one person only.
C. To drive safely, you must be able to clearly see what is in front of you and you must be
clearly visible to others.
D. Drivers must be able to hear the environment around them.
After Each Drive:
1. Park the Gokart on flat ground and power it off. Failure to do so could cause the Gokart to
move when exiting potentially causing injury to you and others around you.
2. Allow the Gokart to cool down before charging. Do not attempt to charge the Gokart, if it,
the charger, or the power outlet is wet. Follow instructions in the Ninebot S/S-PRO User
3. As with any electronic device, use a surge protector when charging to help protect your
Gokart from damage due to power surges and voltage spikes.
4. Only use the charger specified by the manufacturer. Do not use a charger from any other
5. Only use Ninebot or Segway approved parts and accessories. Do not modify your Gokart.
Modifications to your Gokart could interfere with the operation and performance of the
Gokart, which may result in serious injury and/or damage, and could void the Limited
Maintenance and Storage:
1. Be sure the Gokart is powered off before performing any maintenance or when installing or
replacing parts.
2. When installing components, use proper and sufficient force until the component is secure.
If the installation is too loose or too tight, the Gokart may not function properly resulting in
the potential for injury to you or others or damage to, or malfunction of, the Gokart.
3. Install batteries for the Gokart in accordance with the instructions and ensure that the
positive and negative electrodes of the batteries are installed correctly. Only use the
batteries specified by the manufacturer. Do not charge the batteries as this may cause a risk
of fire or explosion. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard
(carbon-zinc), or rechargeable batteries. When the batteries are dead, purchase and replace
them yourself.
4. Follow all instructions contained in the Ninebot S/S-PRO User Manual when performing
maintenance on the Ninebot S/S-PRO.
5. Do not use a strong water flow or high-pressure hoses to clean the Gokart. Avoid
getting water in the charge port. If your Gokart has been exposed to heavy rain store it
outdoors away from buildings and people but protected from the elements until it is dry.
6. Store your Gokart indoors. The Ninebot S/S-PRO should be stored in an environment
where the temperature is no higher than 122°F (50°C) or lower than -4°F (-20°C). If the
temperature of the storage environment is lower than 32°F (0°C), do not charge it until
after placing it in a warm environment (over 50°F (10°C).
The data and parameters of the Ninebot Gokart vary with different models. They are
subject to change without prior notice. Go to for updated information.
Located under the frame. Remove the attachment
strap before removing from the frame.
Risk of death or serious injury from collisions and falls. To reduce the risk of injury user and/or adult must read and follow the user manual.
Segway Ninebot Gokart

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