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Parkside PZKS 2000 B2
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IAN 331932_1907



Bedienungs- und Sicherheitshinweise
Οδηγίες χειρισµού και ασφαλείας
Μετάφραση του πρωτοτύπου των οδηγιών χρήσης
Drifts- og sikkerhedsinstruktioner
Oversættelse af den originale driftsvejledning
Consignes d‘utilisation et de sécurité
Traduction des instructions d’origine
Operating and Safety Instructions
Translation of Original Operating Manual
Bedienings- en veiligheidsinstructies
Vertaling van de originele handleiding

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The Parkside PZKS 2000 B2 is a power saw that is designed for cutting through wood and other similar materials. This saw comes with a powerful motor that provides consistent blade speed, allowing for clean and precise cuts. The saw also features a laser guide system that helps to ensure accuracy and make cutting easier. The Parkside PZKS 2000 B2 is equipped with a variety of safety features to prevent accidents. It has a blade guard that helps to prevent the blade from coming into contact with the operator's hands. Additionally, the saw has a safety switch that must be activated before the blade can be engaged. This saw is also designed to be comfortable to use. The handle is ergonomically designed and has a rubberized grip, which helps to reduce fatigue and increase control during use. Overall, the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2 is a reliable and durable saw that is suitable for both home and professional use. Its combination of power, accuracy, and safety features make it a great choice for anyone who needs to cut through wood or similar materials.

PZKS 2000 B2
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User manual (PDF)

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What is the best way to clean my saw blade?

1. Wipe sawdust from the saw blade with a brush. 2. Spray the saw blade with oven cleaner and leave for 30 minutes. 3. Remove the oven cleaner and dirt with a dry cloth. 4. Grease saw blade with Vaseline.

My saw blade is blunt. What now?

If there is resin or other debris on the blade, it may look like the blade is blunt. If the saw blade has been thoroughly cleaned and is still blunt, it is recommended to have the saw blade sharpened.

How do I remove rust from my Parkside saw?

1. Soak the rusty part in vinegar until completely soaked through. 2. Let the vinegar work on the rust for 24 hours. 3. Remove the rust with a wire brush or aluminium foil.

What does '16V' or '20V' mean?

The maximum achievable charge level is expressed with 16V or 20V. The V in this case stands for Volt.

Do I have to wear hearing protection when using a saw?

The amount of sound varies a lot per brand and type of saw, it is therefore wise to wear hearing protection to be sure.

How do I properly assemble the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2?

To assemble the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2, start by attaching the handle securely to the main body using the provided screws. Make sure all connections are tight and stable before operating the machine.

What should I do if the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2 does not start?

If the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2 fails to start, check if the power cord is securely connected to a functioning power outlet. Ensure that the on/off switch is in the "ON" position. If there is still an issue, inspect the fuse and replace if necessary.

How can I adjust the cutting height on the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2?

To adjust the cutting height on the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2, locate the cutting height adjustment lever near the wheels. Move the lever to the desired cutting height position, ensuring it clicks into place. This will raise or lower the cutting height as needed.

What precautions should I take while using the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2?

When operating the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2, always wear appropriate safety gear, such as safety glasses and sturdy footwear. Keep bystanders, especially children and pets, at a safe distance. Avoid operating the machine on wet or slippery surfaces.

How often should I perform maintenance on the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2?

Regular maintenance is crucial for the optimal performance of the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2. Clean the machine after each use, ensuring no debris or grass clippings remain. Check and tighten any loose screws or bolts. Additionally, inspect the cutting blades regularly and sharpen or replace as needed.

Is the manual of the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2 available in English?

Yes, the manual of the Parkside PZKS 2000 B2 is available in English .

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