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manualPanasonic WV-S6130
This Installation Guide explains the above
“Installing the camera to a ceilingthat has adequate structural strength”. When you use mount brackets (optional accessory), read their operating instructions.
Process the installation surface.
Decide the attachment position and bore
holes for screws or anchors on the ceiling
and a hole for wiring (ø25 mm {31/32
inches}: See the lower-right illustration) as
occasion demands.
If fixed with M4 screws
Fixed dimension:
83.5 mm × 46 mm
{3-9/32 inches × 1-13/16 inches}
If fixed with M6 screws
Fixed dimension:
110 mm × 64 mm
{4-5/16 inches × 2-17/32 inches}
The center point of the cam-
era mount bracket (accessory)
should be more than 100 mm
{3-15/16 inches} away from
obstacles such as a wall.
The camera mount bracket
(accessory) should be
installed with its “
mark in the Panasonic logo
direction (shooting direction)
after installation.
Attach the camera mountbracket using 4 fixing screws (M4 or M6: locally procured).
Minimum pull-out strength: 196 N {44 lbf} (per 1 pc.)
Network Camera
Model No. WV-S6130

Installation Guide

Included Installation Instructions

Important safety instructions

1) Read these instructions.
2) Keep these instructions.
3) Heed all warnings.
4) Follow all instructions.
5) Do not use this apparatus near water.
6) Clean only with dry cloth.
Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including
amplifiers) that produce heat.
9) Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
10) Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the
apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/apparatus combination to avoid injury
from tip-over.
11) Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.
12) Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been dam-
aged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have
fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally,
or has been dropped.


Open Source Software

This product contains open source software licensed under GPL (GNU General Public License),
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License), etc.
Customers can duplicate, distribute and modify the source code of the software under license of
GPL and/or LGPL.
Refer to the “readme.txt” file on the provided CD-ROM for further information about open source
software licenses and the source code.
Please note that Panasonic shall not respond to any inquiries regarding the contents of the source
The model number and serial number of this
product may be found on the surface of the unit.
You should note the model number and serial
number of this unit in the space provided and
retain this book as a permanent record of your
purchase to aid identification in the event of
Model No.
Serial No.
NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found
to comply with the limits for a Class A digital
device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
These limits are designed to provide reasonable
protection against harmful interference when the
equipment is operated in a commercial environ-
ment. This equipment generates, uses, and can
radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed
and used in accordance with the instruction man-
ual, may cause harmful interference to radio com-
Operation of this equipment in a residential area is
likely to cause harmful interference in which case
the user will be required to correct the interfer-
ence at his own expense.
FCC Caution: To assure continued compliance,
(example - use only shielded interface cables
when connecting to computer or peripheral devic-
es). Any changes or modifications not expressly
approved by the party responsible for compliance
could void the user’s authority to operate this
For U.S.A.
For U.S.A.
For Canada
To prevent injury, this apparatus must be secure-
ly attached to the wall/ceiling in accordance with
the installation instructions.
To prevent fire or electric shock hazard, do not
expose this apparatus to rain or moisture.
The apparatus should not be exposed to drip-
ping or splashing.
All work related to the installation of this product
should be made by qualified service personnel
or system installers.
The installation shall be carried out in accor-
dance with all applicable installation rules.
The connections should comply with local elec-
trical code.
Batteries (battery pack or batteries installed)
shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as
sunlight, fire or the like.
Any changes or modifications not expressly
approved by the party responsible for compli-
ance could void the user’s authority to operate
the equipment.
The network camera is only intended for a con-
nection to an ethernet or PoE network without
routing to the outside plant.
Disposal of Old Equipment and Batteries
Only for European Union and countries with recycling systems
These symbols on the products, packaging, and/or accompanying documents mean that used
electrical and electronic products and batteries must not be mixed with general household waste.
For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of old products and used batteries, please take them
to applicable collection points in accordance with your national legislation.
By disposing of them correctly, you will help to save valuable resources and prevent any potential
negative effects on human health and the environment.
For more information about collection and recycling, please contact your local municipality.
Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of this waste, in accordance with national
Note for the battery symbol (bottom symbol)
This symbol might be used in combination with a chemical symbol. In this case it complies with the
requirement set by the Directive for the chemical involved.

About the user manuals

Product documentation is composed of the following documents.
Installation Guide (this document):
Explains installation, cable connections, mounting and removal.
Important Information (included in the CD-ROM):
Provides basic information about the product.
Operating Instructions (included in the CD-ROM): Explains how to perform the settings and how to oper-
ate this camera.
is required to read these operating instructions on the provided CD-ROM.
When the Adobe Reader is not installed on the PC, download the latest Adobe Reader from the Adobe web site
and install it.
The external appearance and other parts shown in this manual may differ from the actual product within the
scope that will not interfere with normal use due to improvement of the product.

Standard accessories

Installation Guide (this document) ........................1 set
Warranty card*
...................................................1 set
.......................................................... 1 pc.
Code label*
........................................................ 1 pc.
*1 This product comes with several types of warranties. Each warranty is only applicable to the products pur-
chased in the regions indicated on the relevant warranty.
*2 The CD-ROM contains the operating instructions and different kinds of tool software programs.
*3 This label may be required for network management. Use caution not to lose this label.
Before requesting service, refer to the Important Information (included in the CD-ROM) and
“Troubleshooting” in the Operating Instructions (included in the CD-ROM) and confirm the
: Direct current symbol
Before attempting to connect or operate this product, please read these instructions carefully and
save this manual for future use.
For information about the basic description of this product, refer to the Important Information on
the provided CD-ROM. For information about how to perform the settings and how to operate the
camera, refer to the Operating Instructions on the provided CD-ROM.
The model number is abbreviated in some descriptions in this manual.
© Panasonic Corporation 2017
For U.S. and Canada:
Panasonic System Communications
Company of North America,
Unit of Panasonic Corporation
of North America
For customer support, call 1.800.528.6747
Two Riverfront Plaza, Newark, NJ 07102-5490
Panasonic Canada Inc.
5770 Ambler Drive, Mississauga,
Ontario, L4W 2T3 Canada
For Europe and other countries:
Panasonic Corporation
Panasonic Corporation
Osaka, Japan
Authorised Representative in EU:
Panasonic Testing Centre
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
avs0717-2107 PGQX2189XA Printed in China
*4 The power cable plug is attached to the camera.
The following parts are used during installation procedures.
Camera mount bracket (with safety wire) ............ 1 pc.
Camera fixing screw (M3) ................................... 2 pcs. (incl. 1 spare)
Decorative cover ................................................. 1 pc.
Power cable plug*
............................................. 1 pc.


The installation tasks are explained using 4 steps.
Examples of when using mount brackets (optional accessory) to install the camera


Detach the camera
Place the camera upside-down
by  xing on the bracket or on a
desktop without  xing
Step 2
Making connections
Step 1
Fix the mount bracket
and hang the camera
Step 4
Con gure the network
Step 3
Fixing the camera
Other items that are needed (not included)
Preparations before installation
Prepare the required parts for each installation method before starting the installation. The following
are the requirements for the various installation methods.
Installation method
Minimum pull-
out strength*
Installing the camera to a ceiling that has adequate
structural strength
Use the camera mount bracket (accessory).
M4 or M6
screws/4 pcs.
196 N {44 lbf}
Installing the camera to a ceiling that has inadequate
structural strength
The area of the ceiling that the camera will be installed to
must be suffi ciently reinforced, or the optional ceiling mount
bracket for the camera (WV-Q105A*
, weight approx. 150 g
{0.33 lbs}) must be used.
M10 anchor
bolts/2 pcs.
5 times or more of
the total weight in-
cluding the camera
Installing the camera embedded to a ceiling that has
inadequate structural strength
The area of the ceiling that the camera will be installed
to must be suffi ciently reinforced, or the optional ceiling
embedding bracket for the camera (WV-Q159C*
/ WV-
, weight approx. 800 g {1.77 lbs}) must be used.
M10 anchor
bolts/2 pcs.
5 times or more of
the total weight in-
cluding the camera
Installing the camera to a wall
Use the wall mount bracket (WV-Q158C
/ WV-Q158S*
weight approx. 950 g {2.10 lbs}).
M4 screws/
4 pcs.
196 N {44 lbf}
*1 The minimum pull-out strength is the value per screw.
*2 For details on procedure for attaching mount bracket and camera, read the operating instruc-
tions of each mount bracket.
Insert an SD memory card (locallyprocured) as occasion demands.
* SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card is described as
SD memory card.
Insert an SD memory card following the procedure
shown below. For the detailed procedure, refer to
Important Information on the provided CD-ROM.
As shown in the illustration to the right, push
the left side of the Panasonic logo plate to
unlock, then slide the SD memory card cover in
the direction of the arrow to open.
Insert an SD memory card fully into the SD
memory card slot, and then push the memory
card straight into the slot until a click is heard.
(The label should face the bottom side of the
Shut the SD memory card cover and lock the
cover by pushing the Panasonic logo plate.
Step 1 Fix the mount bracket and hang the camera
Attach the safety wire fixed withthe camera mount bracket to the camera.
After attaching the safety wire to the
camera, confirm that the ring part at
the end of the safety wire is securely
hooked on the safety wire holder.
The camera is not fixed. Take
care not to hit the camera
against periphery (especially the
dome section).
Retain a work space of 350 mm
{1 ft 1-25/32 inches} or more
from the ceiling when you hang
the camera from the ceiling.
To prevent an injury and protect the
cable, finish the side through hole for
the cable with a file so that it does not
become sharp.
Make sure that no cable is pinched by
the decorative cover when installing it.
Ceiling mount bracket
Ceiling embedding bracket
(WV-Q159S / WV-Q159C)
Wall mount bracket
(WV-Q158S / WV-Q158C)
Process the decorative cover(accessory) as necessary.
Remove the cutout part on the
decorative cover when directly
attaching the cable to a ceiling with
open wiring. Install the camera and
wire through the cutout part of the
decorative cover as shown in the
illustration below when you finally fit the
decorative cover.
Prepare mounting screws (M4, M6) and anchor bolts to be mounted on a ceiling and wall
Select screws according to the material of the location that the camera will be mounted to. In
this case, wood screws and nails should not be used.
If the mounting location such as plaster board is too weak to support the total weight, the area
shall be sufficiently reinforced.
mount bracket
Safety wire holder
Safety wire
Use the dedicated camera mount bracket (accessory) if installing the camera to a ceiling.
Do not use the tripod screw hole to mount on the ceiling since the fall prevention measure is
unavailable. (See the illustration of
on the upper-right)
* The upper-right figure shows an illustration with the M4 screws used.
Tripod screw hole
350 mm
{1 ft 1-25/32 inches}
Decorative cover
Wiring hole
(ø25 mm {31/32 inches})
Camera mount bracket
75 mm
{2-15/16 inches}
83.5 mm
{3-9/32 inches}
46 mm
{1-13/16 inches}
64 mm
{2-17/32 inches}
110 mm
{4-5/16 inches}
Screw (M6)
100 mm
{3-15/16 inches} or more
away from obstacles such as wall
Screw (M4)
Front direction of the camera
Bottom side
Label facing
bottom side
SD memory card cover
Panasonic logo plate
SD memory
card slot
Left side of the Panasonic logo plate
The dimension of the decorative cover is ø185 mm {7-9/32 inches}.
The wiring hole can be covered with the decorative cover if its posi-
tion and size are as shown above.

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WV-S6130 | WV-S6130
security camera
0085783333828, 0885170312999, 4549077896551
User manual (PDF)
TypeIP security camera
Placement supportedIndoor
PTZ control
Remote viewing
Connectivity technologyWired
Day/night mode
Dynamic range144 dB
Form factorTurret
Product colourStainless steel
Mounting typeCeiling/wall
Housing materialPolymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
Maximum resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Frame rate60 fps
Full HD
Back Light Compensation (BLC)
Video formats supportedH.264, H.265
Video compression formatsH.264, H.265
Supported graphics resolutions1920 x 1080 (HD 1080)
Supported video modes1080p
Highlight Compensation (HLC)
Minimum illumination0.0004 lx
Lens viewing angle, horizontal74 °
Lens viewing angle, vertical42 °
Tilt angle range-30 - 90 °
Tilt speed100 °/sec
Pan range0 - 350 °
Pan speed100 °/sec
Tilt preset speed100 °/sec
White balanceAuto
Pan preset speed300 °/sec
Camera shutter speed1/10000 - 30 s
Image sensor
Sensor typeMOS
Optical sensor size1/2.9 "
Lens system
Zoom capability
Optical zoom31 x
Digital zoom16 x
Focal length range4 - 84.6 mm
Number of lenses-
Maximum aperture number1.6
Card reader integrated
Compatible memory cardsSD, SDHC, SDXC
Built-in HDD
Night vision
Night vision
Ethernet LAN
Ethernet interface typeFast Ethernet
Cabling technology10/100Base-T(X)
Number of users14 user(s)
Streaming methodMulticast, Unicast
Networking standardsIEEE 802.3af
Ports & interfaces
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports1
DC-in jack
Weight & dimensions
Height155 mm
Diameter115 mm
Width (with stand)185 mm
Height (with stand)157 mm
Weight900 g
Weight (with stand)1100 g
Power source typeDC, PoE
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Power consumption (typical)12 W
Power consumption250 mA
Power consumption (Power over Ethernet (PoE))12 W
Management features
Web-based management
Operational conditions
Operating temperature (T-T)-10 - 50 °C
Operating relative humidity (H-H)10 - 90 %
Packaging content
Number of cameras1
Other features
Number of simultaneous users12 user(s)
Audio formats supportedAAC-LC, G.711, G.726
Video motion detection
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