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1. Please read these instructions carefully.
2. Keep all information and instructions in a safe place.
3. Follow the instructions.
4. Observe all safety warnings. Never remove safety warnings or other information from the equipment.
5. Use the equipment only in the intended manner and for the intended purpose.
6. Use only sufficiently stable and compatible stands and/or mounts (for fixed installations). Make cer-
tain that wall mounts are properly installed and secured. Make certain that the equipment is installed
securely and cannot fall down.
7. During installation, observe the applicable safety regulations for your country.
8. Never install and operate the equipment near radiators, heat registers, ovens or other sources of heat.
Make certain that the equipment is always installed so that is cooled sufficiently and cannot overheat.
9. Never place sources of ignition, e.g., burning candles, on the equipment.
10. Ventilation slits must not be blocked.
11. Do not use this equipment in the immediate vicinity of water (does not apply to special outdoor
equipment - in this case, observe the special instructions noted below. Do not expose this equipment
to flammable materials, fluids or gases.
12. Make certain that dripping or splashed water cannot enter the equipment. Do not place containers
filled with liquids, such as vases or drinking vessels, on the equipment.
13. Make certain that objects cannot fall into the device.
14. Use this equipment only with the accessories recommended and intended by the manufacturer.
15. Open the device for changing the battery, do not modify this equipment.
16. After connecting the equipment, check all cables in order to prevent damage or accidents, e.g., due
to tripping hazards.
17. During transport, make certain that the equipment cannot fall down and possibly cause property
damage and personal injuries.
18. If your equipment is no longer functioning properly, if fluids or objects have gotten inside the equip-
ment or if it has been damaged in another way, switch it off immediately and unplug it from the
mains outlet (if it is a powered device). This equipment may only be repaired by authorized, qualified
19. Clean the equipment using a dry cloth.
20. Comply with all applicable disposal laws in your country. During disposal of packaging, please sep-
arate plastic and paper/cardboard.
21. Plastic bags must be kept out of reach of children.
22. If the equipment has been exposed to strong fluctuations in temperature (for example, after trans-
port), do not switch it on immediately. Moisture and condensation could damage the equipment. Do
not switch on the equipment until it has reached room temperature.
23. Do not step on the power cord. Make certain that the power cable does not become kinked, especially
at the mains outlet and/or power adapter and the equipment connector.
24. When connecting the equipment, make certain that the power cord or power adapter is always freely
accessible. Always disconnect the equipment from the power supply if the equipment is not in use
or if you want to clean the equipment. Always unplug the power cord and power adapter from the
power outlet at the plug or adapter and not by pulling on the cord. Never touch the power cord and
power adapter with wet hands.
25. To disconnect the equipment from the power mains completely, unplug the power cord or power
adapter from the power outlet.
26. Unplug the power cord and power adapter from the power outlet if there is a risk of a lightning strike
or before extended periods of disuse.
There are no user serviceable parts inside. Have repairs carried out only by qualified service personnel.
This equipment is intended for professional use. Therefore, commercial use of this equipment is subject
to the respectively applicable national accident prevention rules and regulations. As a manufacturer, Adam
Hall is obligated to notify you formally about the existence of potential health risks. Hearing damage due to
high volume and prolonged exposure: When in use, this product is capable of producing high sound-pres-
sure levels (SPL) that can lead to irreversible hearing damage in performers, employees, and audience
members. For this reason, avoid prolonged exposure to volumes in excess of 90 dB.


You can find our current warranty conditions and limitation of liability at:
To request warranty service for a product, please contact Adam Hall GmbH, Daimler Straße 9, 61267 Neu
Anspach / Email / 49 (0) 6081 / 9419-0


(Valid in the European Union and other European countries with waste separation)
This symbol on the product, or the documents accompanying the product, indicates that this appliance
may not be treated as household waste. This is to avoid environmental damage or personal injury due
to uncontrolled waste disposal. Please dispose of this product separately from other waste and have it
recycled to promote sustainable economic activity.


The Palmer PAN04A 2-channel DI box allows you to feed the unbalanced hi-Z signals of electric instruments
to the microphone inputs of a mixer. It delivers a transformer balanced lo-Z signal at the outputs and helps
eliminate hum and interference caused by ground loops. The active circuitry preserves frequency response
and provides increased dynamics. The unit features an additional output that merges the A and B input
signals to mono. With its tough construction, the PAN04A is equally suitable for stage and studio use.


Connect the outputs of your instrument(s) to the 1/4” inputs A and B using quality instrument cables, and
connect the unit’s transformer balanced XLR outputs to the inputs of a mixer using quality microphone
cables. Use the center output A/B to feed a mono sum of both inputs to a single mixer input, e.g. the L and
R channels of a stereo instrument. Use the 1/4” LINK outputs to feed the pure input signals to dedicated
instrument amplifiers or to DI loudspeaker level amp signals (see PAD SWITCHES below).


For most applications, select the 0 dB position. To prevent extra hot input signals from clipping the mixer
inputs, the pad switches provide 30 dB attenuation at the XLR outputs in the down position.
Alternatively, you can use the PAN04A to DI the output signal of your amp. Connect the amplifier output to
the unit’s input A or B and the corresponding LINK output to a loudspeaker or appropriate load using quality
loudspeaker cable only for both connections. To compensate for the extremely powerful loudspeaker level
signal at the amp’s output the pad switch must be in the -30 dB position. Use a quality microphone cable to
connect the channel’s XLR output to a mixer.
NOTE: The PAN04A does not include any speaker simulation circuitry.
WARNING: Tube amplifiers ALWAYS require an appropriate load at their outputs. When using the PAN04A
to DI your amp, make sure to connect the amp’s loudspeaker(s) or a speaker cabinet with matching
impedance to the correct LINK output to prevent serious damage to your gear. Alternatively, you can use
a load box rated at the amp’s output impedance.


In the up position, the LIFT/GND switches break the ground connection between the unit’s inputs and
outputs. This isolates mains powered instrument(s) connected to the PAN04A, e.g. a keyboard, from the
mixing console to eliminate hum and interference caused by ground loops. Both pieces of equipment are
still individually grounded and safe to use.


The Palmer PAN04A operates on any 2.1 mm standard polarity (center negative) power adapter from
9 - 24 V DC with 100 mA minimum current rating. It can also be phantom powered if two outputs are
connected to a mixer.


Product type: DI Boxes
Type: active
Channels: 2
Inputs: 2
Input connectors: 6.3 mm Jack
Max. input level: + 45 dBu
Input impedance: 1M Ohm(s)
Input pad: 0 / -30 dB
Outputs: 3
THRU outputs/channel: 1
Output connectors: XLR, 6.3 mm Jack
Max. output level: + 11 dBu
Output impedance: 200 Ohm(s)
Frequency response: 10 - 40.000 Hz
Transformer balanced: yes
Ratio: 3 : 1
Controls: ground lift, attenuation
Cabinet material: sheet steel
Cabinet surface: powder coated
Width: 116 mm
Depth: 110 mm
Height: 45 mm
Weight: 0.470 kg
© Palmer Musical Instruments, Adam Hall GmbH, D-61267 Neu-Anspach, Daimlerstr. 9, Germany TEL: ++49 (0)6081 94190
FAX: ++49 (0)6081 43280 WEB:, EMAIL:

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