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Talkabout T42 Owner’s Manual

RF Energy Exposure and Product Safety Guide for
Portable Two-Way Radios
Before using this product, read the RF Energy Exposure and Product
Safety Guide that ships with the radio which contains instructions for
safe usage and RF energy awareness and control for compliance with
applicable standards and regulation.
T42 Twin Pack
T42 Triple Pack
Personalization Stickers:
Stickers are provided in order to personalize and keep track of radios.
Use permanent marker for the blank stickers.
Frequency Chart
*Only Channels 1 to 8 are available by default. Channels 9 to 16 need to be
activated by user before they can be selected. Channels 9 to 16 should only be
used in countries where these frequencies are allowed by government
authorities.Channels 9 to 16 are not allowed in Russia.
Radio Control Buttons
Radio Display
Installing the Batteries
1. Make sure your radio is OFF.
2. To remove the battery compartment door, press the tab at the
bottom of the compartment door. Remove the door. Insert three
AAA batteries into the battery compartment.
3. Replace the battery compartment door.
Battery Level and Low Battery Alert
Turning Your Radio On/Off
Press and hold the MENU/ button to turn your radio ON/OFF.
Adjusting the Volume
Adjust the volume by pressing the and buttons.
Talking and Listening
All radios in your group must be set to the same channel in order to
1. Hold your radio 2 to 3 cm from your mouth.
2. Press and hold the PTT button while speaking. The Transmit
icon appears on the display.
3. Release the PTT button. You can now receive incoming calls. When
you do, the Receive icon appears on the display.
For maximum clarity, hold the radio 2 to 3 cm away and avoid covering
the microphone while talking.
Talk Range
Your radio is designed to maximize performance and improve
transmission range. Ensure the radios are at least 5 feet apart when in
Push-to-Talk Time-Out Timer
To prevent accidental transmissions and save battery life, the radio
emits a continuous warning tone and stops transmitting if you press
the PTT button for 60 seconds continuously.
Menu Options
Selecting the Channel
The radio uses channel as the frequency to transmit.
1. Press Menu until the channel number starts to flash.
2. Press or to change the channel. Long press on these keys
allows you to scroll through the channels rapidly to browse the
3. Press PTT button to exit menu or Menu to continue set up.
Note: Your radio has eight channels by default. In countries where 16 channels
are allowed, you can activate Channels 9 to 16 with the following steps:
1. Press Menu until the channel number starts to flash.
2. Press and hold down and simultaneously for 3 seconds
until you hear a beep and “16” is displayed briefly.
*Channels 9 to 16 are not allowed in Russia.
This radio does not have sub-code feature. When using this radio with
radio models that use sub-code, please make sure the radios with
sub-code have their sub-code disabled. Set sub-code to Zero.
Call Tones
Your radio is equipped with a call tone. To transmit a call tone, press
/ button.
Keypad Tones
You may enable or disable the keypad tones. You will hear the keypad
each time a button is pushed.
1. Press and hold the button, while turning the radio ON, it turns the
keypad tone OFF.
2. To turn the Keypad Tone ON, turn the radio OFF and ON again
without pressing the button.
Roger Tone
You can set your radio to transmit a unique tone when you finish
transmitting. It is like saying “Roger” or “Over” to let others know you
have finished talking.
1. Press and hold button while turning the radio ON, it turns the
Roger Tone OFF.
2. Turn the radio OFF and ON again without pressing the button to
turn the Roger Tone ON.
Keypad Lock
To avoid accidentally changing your radio settings:
1. Press and hold / Key Lock until the Key Lock Indicator icon
2. You can turn the radio on and off, adjust the volume, receive,
transmit, send a call tone, when in the lock mode. All other
functions remain locked.
3. Press / Key Lock and hold until the Key Lock Indicator is no
longer displayed to unlock the radio.
Channel Scan Mode
Enables your radio to scan for active channels. When an activity is
detected, your radio lands (stays) on that channel for 2 seconds. To
transmit on that channel, press the PTT button. When an activity on
the landed channel ends, your radio continues scanning other
To turn the channel scan ON:
1. MENU/ to enter menu. Advance until blinks.
2. / button to turn ON channel scan.
MENU/ or PTT to turn OFF Scan mode.
Monitor Mode
Enables you to listen for weak signals on the current channel.
To turn the Monitor Mode ON:
1. MENU/ button to enter menu. Advance through the menu until
icon blinks.
2. Press the / button for continuous listening. The icon continues
to blink.
To turn the Monitor Mode OFF:
Press the MENU/ button to return to “Normal” mode. The icon
stops blinking.
Easy Pairing
This feature allows a group of radio users to program all their radios to
the same Channel and Sub-Code settings quickly and simultaneously.
Any one radio within the group can be designated as the “Leader’s
radio” and have it’s Channel and Sub-Code settings transmitted to and
copied by all the other radios in the group (Members’ radios).
When the leader radio has no sub-code feature, such as this radio (T42),
all radios in the group will have their sub-code set to 0 (Disable). When the
sub-code is set to 0, all transmissions on the selected channel will be
heard, regardless of the transmitting radio sub-code setting.
1. Pick any one of the radios as the “Leader’s radio”. On this radio,
program the Channel and Sub-Code to the desired settings. See
“Selecting the Channel” and “Selecting the Sub-Code” sections in
this user manual. The sub-code for T42 radio is fixed at zero and
cannot be programmed.
2. To copy the channel and Sub-Code combination to all the other
“Members’ radios”, press and hold the button on the Members’
radios until you hear a beep. Release the button after the beep,
and wait for the transmission from the Leader’s radio.
You will see the icon blinking on the display. This confirms that the radio
is in Easy Pairing mode waiting to receive the Channel and Sub-Code
settings from the Leader’s radio. All Members’ radios will remain in this
mode for 3 minutes.
A group with many radios should have all users take this step at the same
time, so all radios can be programmed in one go.
3. On the Leader’s radio, press and hold down the button until you
hear a double beep.
At the double beep, this radio’s Channel and Sub-Code settings will be
transmitted, which will be received and copied by all the other (Members’)
The Leader’s radio must make this transmission when all the Members’
radios are still in the Easy Pairing mode, otherwise the transmission will not
be picked up.
On the Leader’s radio, user must remember not to release the button on
the first (single) beep, otherwise this radio will become another Member’s
radio. If that happens, you can press PTT to escape, and retry the steps
described in #3 again.
If the Leader’s radio is set to a channel between 9 and 16, please ensure
that all Members’ radios have channels 9 to 16 activated.
When a Member’s radio with only eight Channels is being Easy-Paired by a
Leader’s radio on Channel 9 or above, Easy-Pairing will fail, indicated by
three short beeps, and “rr” is displayed briefly.
When the Leader’s radio does not have sub-code feature, all members’
radios will have their sub-code set to zero (Disable). When a radio sub-
code is set to zero, all transmissions received on the channel will be sent to
the speaker, regardless of the sub-code embedded in the transmission.
This radio (T42) does not have sub-code feature and is not compatible with
radios with sub-code enabled. Please ensure all radios in the group have
their sub-code disabled (Sub-code is set to Zero). With Easy pairing, either
use T42 as the leader, or ask the Leader to set sub-code to zero before
performing easy pairing.
Warranty Information
The authorized Motorola Solutions dealer or retailer where you
purchased your Motorola Solutions two-way radio and/or original
accessories will honour a warranty claim and/or provide warranty
Please return your radio to your dealer or retailer to claim your
warranty service. Do not return your radio to Motorola Solutions.
In order to be eligible to receive warranty service, you must present
your receipt of purchase or a comparable substitute proof of purchase
bearing the date of purchase. The two-way radio should also clearly
display the serial number. The warranty will not apply if the type or
serial numbers on the product have been altered, deleted, removed,
or made illegible.
What Is Not Covered By The Warranty
• Defects or damage resulting from use of the Product in other
than its normal and customary manner or by not following the
instructions in this user manual.
Defects of damage from misuse, accident or neglect.
Defects of damage from improper testing, operation,
maintenance, adjustment, or any alteration or modification of
any kind.
Breakage or damage to aerials unless caused directly by defects
in material or workmanship.
Products disassembled or repaired in such a manner as to
adversely affect performance or prevent adequate inspection
and testing to verify any warranty claim.
Defects or damage due to range.
Defects or damage due to moisture, liquid or spills.
• All plastic surfaces and all other externally exposed parts that
are scratched or damaged due to normal use.
Products rented on a temporary basis.
Periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to
normal usage, wear and tear.
Copyright Information
The Motorola Solutions products described in this manual may include
copyrighted Motorola Solutions programs, stored semiconductor
memories or other media. Laws in the United States and other
countries preserve for Motorola Solutions, certain exclusive rights for
copyrighted computer programs, including the exclusive right to copy
or reproduce in any form, the copyrighted Motorola Solutions
Accordingly, any copyrighted Motorola Solutions computer programs
contained in the Motorola Solutions products described in this manual
may not be copied or reproduced in any manner without express
written permission of Motorola Solutions. Furthermore, the purchase
of Motorola Solutions products shall not be deemed to grant either
directly or by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license under the
copyrights, patents or patent applications of Motorola Solutions,
except for the normal non-exclusive royalty free license to use that
arises by operation of law in the sale of a products.

Brugervejledning til Talkabout T42

Vejledning om RF-energieksponering og
produktsikkerhed til bærbare tovejsradioer
Inden brug af radioen skal du læse vejledningen om RF-
energieksponering og sikkerhed, der leveres sammen med radioen.
Vejledningen indeholder instruktioner omkring sikker brug,
opmærksomhed omkring forekomst af RF-energi og kontrol af
overholdelse af gældende standarder og bekendtgørelser.
Etiketter til personlig tilpasning:
Etiketter leveres med henblik på personlig tilpasning og for at holde
styr på radioerne. Brug permanent markør til de tomme etiketter.
*Kun Kanal 1 til 8 er tilgængelige som standard. Kanal 9 til 16 skal aktiveres af
brugeren, før de kan vælges. Kanal 9 til 16 må kun bruges i lande, hvor
myndighederne tillader brug af disse frekvenser. Kanalerne 9 til 16 må ikke
anvendes i Rusland.
Radioens kontrolknapper
Installer batterierne
1. Sørg for, at radioen er SLUKKET.
2. Du kan fjerne dækslet til batterirummet ved at trykke på tappen nederst
på dækslet. Fjern dækslet. Isæt tre AAA-batterier i batterirummet.
3. Sæt dækslet til batterirummet tilbage på plads.
Batteriniveau og alarm for lavt batteriniveau
Sådan tænder og slukker du for radioen
Tryk på knappen MENU/ , og hold den nede for at TÆNDE/SLUKKE
Justering af lydstyrken
Juster lydstyrken ved at trykke på knapperne og .
Tale og lytte
Alle radioer i din gruppe skal være indstillet til samme kanal for at
kunne kommunikere.
1. Hold radioen 2-3 cm fra munden.
2. Tryk på knappen PTT, og hold den nede, mens du taler. Ikonet for
Transmission vises på skærmen.
3. Slip knappen PTT. Du kan nu modtage indgående opkald. Når du
gør det, vises ikonet for Modtag på skærmen.
For at få den bedste lydkvalitet skal du holde radioen 2 til 3 cm væk og
undgå at dække mikrofonen, mens du taler.
Rækkevidde for tale
Radioen er designet til at maksimere ydeevnen og forbedre
transmissionsrækkevidden. Sørg for, at radioerne er mindst 5 meter
fra hinanden, når de anvendes.
Push-to-Talk timer for timeout
For at forhindre utilsigtede transmissioner og for at spare batteritid,
udsender radioen en kontinuerlig advarselstone og standser
transmissionen, hvis du trykker på knappen PTT kontinuerligt i 60
Sådan vælger du kanalen
Radioen bruger kanal som frekvensen for at transmittere.
1. Tryk på Menu, indtil kanalnummeret begynder at blinke.
2. Tryk på eller for at skifte kanal. Et langt tryk på disse taster
giver dig mulighed for hurtigt at rulle igennem kanalerne for at
gennemse koderne.
3. Tryk på knappen PTT for at forlade menuen eller Menu for at
fortsætte opsætningen.
Bemærk: Radioen har som standard otte kanaler. I lande, hvor 16 kanaler er
tilladt, kan du aktivere kanal 9 til 16 ved at udføre følgende trin:
1. Tryk på Menu, indtil kanalnummeret begynder at blinke.
2. Tryk samtidigt og , og hold dem nede i 3 sekunder,
indtil du hører et bip, og “16” vises kortvarigt.
*Kanal 9 til 16 må ikke anvendes i Rusland.
Denne radio har ikke delkodefunktion. Når du bruger denne radio med
radiomodeller, der bruger delkode, skal du sørge for, at radioerne med
delkode har deres delkode deaktiveret. Indstil delkode til nul.
Din radio er udstyret med en opkaldstone. Du transmitterer en
opkaldstone ved at trykke på knappen / .
Du kan aktivere eller deaktivere tastaturtonerne. Du hører tastaturet,
hver gang du trykker på en knap.
1. Tryk på knappen , og hold den nede, mens du TÆNDER radioen.
Det SLUKKER tastaturtonen.
2. Du TÆNDER tastaturtonen ved at TÆNDE og SLUKKE radioen
igen uden at trykke på knappen .
Du kan indstille radioen til at transmittere en unik tone, når du er
færdig med at transmittere. Det svarer til at sige “Modtaget” eller
“Skifter” for at lade andre vide, at du er færdig med at tale.
1. Tryk på knappen , og hold den nede, mens du TÆNDER radioen.
Det SLUKKER Modtaget-tonen.
2. SLUK og TÆND radioen igen uden at trykke på knappen for at
TÆNDE Modtaget-tonen.
For at undgå utilsigtet ændring af radioens indstillinger:
1. Tryk på / Tastelås, og hold den nede, indtil ikonet for
tastelåsindikator vises.
2. Du kan tænde og slukke radioen, indstille lydstyrken, modtage,
transmittere og sende en opkaldstone i låst tilstand. Alle andre
funktioner forbliver låst.
3. Tryk på / Tastelås, og hold den nede, indtil ikonet for
tastelåsindikator ikke længere vises, for at låse radioen.

Talkabout T42 Owner’s



Brugervejledning til

Talkabout T42


Talkabout T42


Package Content T42
Radio 2
Belt clip 2
Stickersheet (16 pcs) 1
Owner’s manual 1
Package Content T42
Radio 3
Belt clip 3
Stickersheet (8 pcs) 3
Owner’s manual 1
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Page: 1/12
Call Tone/
PTT Button
Easy Pairing
1. Keypad Lock
2. Easy Pairing
3. Mute
4. Scan Indicator
5. Battery Level Meter
6. Transmit
7. Receive
8. Channel Indicator
Blinks when battery power level is low; replace
batteries immediately.
Menu Key
Menu Key
Menu Key
Menu Key
Two Way Mode
Channel (1±8 / *1±16)
Pakkens indhold T42
Radio 2
Bælteclips 2
Selvklæbeark (16 stk.) 1
Brugervejledning 1
Pakkens indhold T42
Radio 3
Bælteclips 3
Selvklæbeark (8 stk.) 3
Brugervejledning 1
1 446,00625 7 446,08125 13 446,15625
2 446,01875 8 446,09375 14 446,16875
3 446,03125 9 446,10625 15 446,18125
4 446,04375 10 446,11875 16 446,19375
5 446,05625 11 446,13125
6 446,06875 12 446,14375
1. Tastelås
2. Nem parring
3. Mute
4. Indikator for scanning
5. Batteriniveaumåler
6. Transmitter
7. Modtag
8. Kanalindikator
logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark
Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are
the property of their respective owners.
© 2017 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.
Knap til nem
Blinker, når batteriniveauet er lavt. Udskift batterierne
med det samme.
Kanal (1q8 / *1q16)
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Motorola t42 won’t stay on when turn it on.. brand new out of the box and new batteries. Bought four and the other three are fine.. any suggestions.. tried different new batteries.. comes on for a split second each time and then powers off again.. any suggestions?

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The mute sign has appeared on the screen and I can't remove it. Why is it there and how do I remove it

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Motorola Talkabout T42 specifications

Below you will find the product specifications and the manual specifications of the Motorola Talkabout T42.

Brand Motorola
Model Talkabout T42
Product Walkie Talkie
EAN 5031753007492
Language English
Filetype Usermanual (PDF)
Purpose -
Channels quantity 16 channels
Operating frequency - MHz
Maximum range 4000 m
Technical details
Product colour Black,Red
Keypad lock
Display type LCD
Battery low indication
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