Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table manual

Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table
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  • Tools required / Outils Requis / Herramientas Requeridas


    Ages: 2 years & up
    Please save sales receipt for proof of purchase.
    Keep these instructions for future reference.
    Prior to assembly, this package contains small parts:
    hardware which is a choking hazard and may contain
    sharp edges and sharp points. Keep away from children
    until assembled.
    Adult supervision required. Do not leave children
    This product is intended for outdoor domestic family use
    This product is intended for use by children ages 2 years
    and up.
    Use this product on a rm, level surface and avoid using
    near swimming pools, on or near steps, hills or inclines.
    Do not allow children to sit, stand play or climb on the
    top of surface. Failure to do so may cause the product to
    become unstable.
    Intended for use with the supplied accessories only.
    Never ll with anything except clean tap water. Use of
    other liquids may be harmful or damage the unit. Never ll
    with sand or dirt.
    Do not store or leave water in product when not in use.
    Disassemble and dispose of equipment in such a manner
    that no hazardous conditions such as, but not limited to,
    small parts and sharp edges exist at the time equipment is
    United States:
    1-800-321-0183 Monday - Friday
    The Little Tikes Company
    2180 Barlow Road
    Hudson, OH 44236
    United Kingdom:
    Little Tikes
    MGA Entertainment (UK) Ltd
    50 Presley Way
    Milton Keynes MK8 0ES
    Bucks, UK
    MINIMUM SIZE allowed is .2” high
    Updated 12.2.11 per Paul Madan (new spacing)
    Printed in U.S.A. D.R.©2016 The Little Tikes Company
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    in the U.S. and other countries. All logos, names, characters, likenesses, images, slogans, and packaging
    appearance are the property of Little Tikes. Please keep this address and packaging for reference since
    it contains important information. Contents, including specications and colors, may vary from photos
    depicted on package. Instructions included. Please remove all packaging including tags, ties & tacking
    stitches before giving this product to a child.
    Adult assembly required / Le montage devra être effectué par un adulte /
    Debe ser armado por un adulto
    Insert drain plug (M) into opening.
    Insérez le bouchon de vidange (M) dans l'ouverture.
    Inserte el tapón de desagüe (M) en la abertura.
    /4" Screw
    Vis de 1.9 cm (
    /4 po)
    Tornillo de 1.9 cm (
    6 7
    drain plug
    bouchon de vidange
    tapón de desagüe
    Push drain plug through
    Enfoncez le bouchon de
    vidange dans l'ouverture.
    Empuje el tapón de desagüe
    por la abertura.
    Close drain plug cover.
    Fermez le capuchon du bouchon de vidange.
    Cierre la tapa del tapón de desagüe.
    Close drain plug cover.
    Fermez le capuchon du bouchon de vidange.
    Cierre la tapa del tapón de desagüe.
    Flip water table over. Insert table legs (B)
    x3, as shown. Snap into place.
    Retournez la table aquatique. Insérez les
    pieds de table (B) x3, comme indiqué.
    Emboîtez-les en place.
    Dé vuelta la mesa de agua. Inserte las 3
    patas de la mesa (B) tal y como se muestra.
    Encájelas en su lugar.
    Insert pump assembly (C) into the table pocket with a
    Insérer l’assemblage de pompe (C) dans la poche de la table
    avec un trou.
    Introduzca el montaje de bomba (C) en el compartimento de
    mesa con oricio.
    Thread hose up through the bottom of the center cap (F).
    Enler le tuyaudans le bas du bouchon central (F).
    Pase el tubo hacia arriba a través de la parte superior de la
    tapa central (F).
    Align notches on the center cap to the notches in the
    table. Snap into place.
    Aligner les encoches du bouchon central avec les encoches de
    la table. Enclencher.
    Alinee las ranuras en la tapa central con las ranuras en la mesa.
    Presione hasta que encaje en su posición.
    Work the plug around the opening pulling only the plug edge through.
    Passez le bouchon sur le pourtour de l'ouverture en ne tirant que le bord du bouchon au travers
    de celle-ci.
    Continúe tirando del tapón hasta que sólo pase el borde por la abertura.
    Plug edge should be
    completely pulled
    Le bord du bouchon doit
    passer en entier dans
    El borde del tapón
    debe haber pasado por
    OR /
    OU / O


    XIM642296-1 - 10/16
    A. Table top
    Plateau de la table
    B. Table Legs (3)
    Pieds de la table (3)
    Patas de la mesa (3)
    W. Funnel / Entonnoir / Embudo
    V. Cup / Coupelle / Taza
    C. Pump Assembly
    Assemblage de la pompe
    Montaje de bomba
    D. Center Holder
    Support central
    Soporte central
    E. Center Funnel
    Entonnoir central
    Embudo central
    F. Center Cap
    Bouchon central B
    Tapa central
    G. Center Column (3)
    Colonne centrale (3)
    Columna central (3)
    I. Spray Assembly
    Assemblage du vaporisateur
    Montaje del rociador
    H. Center Connector Assembly
    Assemblage du connecteur central
    Montaje del conector central
    K. Pop-up Assembly
    Assemblage escamotable
    Montaje del saliente
    M2. Spinometer
    M1. Sprinkler Stick
    Tube d'arrosage
    Brazo de aspersión
    O. Elbow
    Q. Elbow with Spout
    Coude avec bec
    Codo con boquilla
    R. 4" Clear Tubes (3)
    Tubes transparents 10 cm (3)
    Tubos transparentes
    de 10 cm (4") (3)
    P. T-Valve
    Válvula en T
    S. Drain Plug
    Bouchon de vidange
    Tapón de desagüe
    T. Dump Bucket Assembly
    Assemblage du seau basculant
    Montaje de la cubeta de desagüe
    U. Boat / Bateau / Bote
    J. Pop-up Base
    Base escamotable
    Base saliente
    L. Spinners (3)
    Aubes (3)
    Rotámetros (3)
    N. Center Bubble Tube
    Tube à bulles central
    Tubo de burbujas central
    Table pocket with hole
    Poche de la table avec trou
    Compartimento de mesa con oricio
    Align NotchesAligner les encochesAlinear las muescas
Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table

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Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table specifications

Brand Little Tikes
Model Fountain Factory Water Table
Product Not categorized
EAN 0050743642296
Language English
Filetype PDF
Product type Water table
Product colour Multicolour
Material -
Suitable for Outdoor
Water capacity (max) 26 L
Assembly required
Certification CE
Packaging content
Packaging content Boat
Cup included
Logistics data
Master (outer) case width 736.6 mm
Master (outer) case length 187.5 mm
Master (outer) case height 723.9 mm
Master (outer) case weight 5480 g
Quantity per intermodal container (20ft) 283 pc(s)
Quantity per intermodal container (40ft) 652 pc(s)
Quantity per intermodal container (40ft, HC) 666 pc(s)
Weight & dimensions
Width 749.3 mm
Depth 749.3 mm
Height 952.5 mm
Weight 4700 g