Kenwood KDC-BT278U manual

Kenwood KDC-BT278U
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Kenwood KDC-BT278U

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Don Bell, 21-1-2021 20:26:10 5 comments

How you get the radio to work?

Donald Wyatt, 23-2-2021 07:42:34

How do you go from CD player to Radio

Richard Parris, 13-4-2021 16:44:52

How to get the radio to stop on a channel. Is this some setting where it just shows each station in an endless loop?

Richard Parris, 13-4-2021 16:48:38

Bad Programming shows this as another question Then posts as the answer you want to give. Donald the tiny Band button under and to the left of the big know will switch from CD to 4 different radio options

Richard Parris, 13-4-2021 16:49:37

Oops that's under the Big (volume) button and to the right.

Jaime, 23-9-2021 19:41:34

Whats the best manual set up for clear voice with subwoofers install

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Cole , 6-11-2021 21:43:52 No comments

How do I turn off auto-play? Every time I get in the car and plug my phone in it auto-plays my music. After I use Siri voice-to-text, it auto-plays as well. This is very annoying. Send help.

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Mark Arouh, 14-10-2021 23:52:22 No comments

I want to get a manual for my car stereo. I don't want to buy a browser. Do you have a manual I don't have to buy a browser for ?

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Patricia Knapp, 20-9-2021 08:07:39 No comments

Do you just turn off engine to turn off system?

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LP, 23-8-2021 20:10:33 No comments

what Ipod's will this radio work with

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Joe, 24-7-2021 12:48:36 No comments

How do I adjust microphone sensitivity to eliminate the other party experiencing an echo-when-speaking while on a phone call with me?

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Jerry, 19-7-2021 02:56:15 No comments

Amazing how this model and it's features ARE NOT HELPFUL. This unit only makes things more complicated and doesn't let you play the damn RADIO.

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Kris Herron, 19-6-2021 08:54:16 No comments

How can I change language settings from Spanish to English

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Tawna, 8-6-2021 19:49:08 No comments

Where can I find my Radio ID number

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Lloyd Vestal, 2-6-2021 18:05:43 No comments

How do I change folders on USB drive.... even back to the root directory

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Kenwood KDC-BT278U specifications

Brand Kenwood
Model KDC-BT278U
Product Car Radio
Language English
Filetype PDF

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