Kärcher RC 3000 specifications

Kärcher RC 3000
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Kärcher RC 3000 specifications, prices, product images and videos.

Kärcher RC 3000 specifications

Below you will find the product specifications and the manual specifications of the Kärcher RC 3000.

Brand Kärcher
Model RC 3000
Product Robot Vacuum Cleaner
EAN 4002667384598
Language English
Filetype EN - 400 (PDF), EN - 17 (PDF)
Product colour Black,Yellow
Dust container type Dust bag
Shape Round
Weight & dimensions
Weight 2000 g
Diameter 285 mm
Height 105 mm
Dust capacity (total) 2.2 L
Dust capacity (vacuum cleaner) 0.2 L
Dust capacity (base) 2 L
HEPA filtration system -
Battery technology -
Battery capacity - mAh
Battery life - m²
Charging time - h
Power consumption (typical) 600 W
Other features
Battery life 1 h
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The Robo Cleaner consists of a base station (charger and suction functions) and a mobile robot. The robot is powered by rechargeable batteries. It roams the floor on a random basis. If it detects a very dirty area it switches to the"star pattern"cleaning mode to clean the area thoroughly. One charge is sufficient for about 20 to 60 minutes of cleaning.

After cleaning for about one hour, the robot begins to search for its base station in order to empty its dust box and recharge the batteries. During the search mode the robot continues cleaning for up to another 60 minutes. If the robot has not found its base station after 60 minutes, it switches off its cleaning functions and concentrates on finding the base station.

After docking at the base station, the robot is recharged and the dirt extracted from its dust box (200 ml). Emptying is effected via a brush in order to reduce the bulk of the dirt and accelerate cleaning.