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Jaguar XK (2008)
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LANGUAGE: english-en; MARQUE: jaguar; MODEL: X150


Publication Part No. JJM 10 02 30 121

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XK (2008)
User manual (PDF)

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How do I convert miles into kilometres?

1 mile equals 1.609344 kilometers and 1 kilometer equals 0.62137119 miles.

Where can I find the VIN number of my Jaguar?

The location of the VIN number of the car differs per brand and type of car. The code may be stamped on the frame of the car or mounted on a plate. It is best to consult the manual of the Jaguar XK (2008)for the exact location of the VIN number.

What is a VIN number?

The VIN number of a car is an identification number unique to each car. The abbreviation VIN therefore stands for Vehicle Identification Number.

When does my Jaguar need maintenance?

Regular maintenance is necessary for every car. How often the car needs maintenance and what exactly needs to be done can be found in the maintenance instructions. For major periodic service, this should generally be done every 2 years or after 30,000 kilometres.

When should I change the brake fluid of my Jaguar?

It is recommended to change the brake fluid every two years.

What is the difference between E10 and E5 petrol?

E10 petrol consists of up to ten per cent ethanol while E5 petrol will contain less than five per cent ethanol. As a result, the percentage of E10 petrol is lower than that of E5 petrol, making it less bad for the environment.

One or more doors won't open from the inside. Now what?

The lock is most likely set to the child safety lock so it cannot be opened from the inside. How to unset the child safety lock differs per brand and type.

My car radio does not turn on, now what?

If your car radio does not turn on, it will not receive any power. Check that the red wire is connected to the contact power supply and the yellow wire to the constant power supply.

How do I adjust the power seat on my Jaguar XK (2008)?

To adjust the power seat in your Jaguar XK, locate the memory seat control buttons on the side of the seat frame. Press and hold the desired button corresponding to your desired seating position until you reach the desired setting. Release the button to save the position.

How can I pair my phone with the car's Bluetooth system?

To pair your phone with the car's Bluetooth system, go to the "Settings" menu on your phone and enable Bluetooth. On your Jaguar XK's infotainment system, navigate to the Bluetooth settings menu and select "Pair New Device." Follow the on-screen prompts to search and select your phone from the available devices. Enter the provided passcode on both your phone and the car's system, if required, to establish the connection.

How can I reset the tire pressure monitoring system on my Jaguar XK?

To reset the tire pressure monitoring system, first ensure that all tires are properly inflated to the recommended pressure. Then, on the infotainment system, navigate to the tire pressure monitoring screen. Select the appropriate option to initiate a reset of the system. Follow any additional prompts or instructions provided on the screen to complete the process.

How do I set the cruise control in my Jaguar XK?

To set the cruise control, first ensure that you are driving at a consistent speed above 30 mph (48 km/h). Locate the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel. Press the "On/Off" button to activate the system. Once active, press the "Set" button to set the desired speed. Adjust the speed using the "+" and "-" buttons, and to cancel, press the "Cancel" button or brake.

How can I replace the headlamp bulb on my Jaguar XK?

To replace the headlamp bulb, open the hood of your Jaguar XK and locate the back of the headlamp assembly. Carefully disconnect the electrical connector from the bulb, ensuring not to damage the wires. Remove the retaining clip or screws holding the bulb in place and gently pull it out. Install the new bulb in the correct orientation, reconnect the electrical connector, and secure the bulb using the retaining clips or screws.

Is the manual of the Jaguar XK (2008) available in English?

Yes, the manual of the Jaguar XK (2008) is available in English .

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