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Gebrauchsanleitungen, 1
Kundendienst, 4
Beschrijving van het apparaat, 8
Beschreibung Ihres Gerätes, 12
Wechsel des Türanschlags, 52
Installation, 28
Inbetriebsetzung und Gebrauch, 29
Wartung und Pege, 30
Vorsichtsmaßregeln und Hinweise, 30
Störungen und Abhilfe, 31


Operating Instructions



Operating Instructions, 1
Assistance, 3
Description of the appliance, 6
Description of the appliance, 11
Reversible doors, 52
Installation, 20
Start-up and use, 20
Maintenance and care, 21
Precautions and tips, 22
Troubleshooting, 23


Mode d’emploi



Mode d’emploi, 1
Assistance, 3
Description de l’appareil, 7
Description de l’appareil, 12
Réversibilité des portes, 52
Installation, 24
Mise en marche et utilisation, 25
Entretien et soin, 26
Précautions et conseils, 26
Anomalies et remèdes, 27





Gebruiksaanwijzingen, 1
Service, 4
Beschreibung Ihres Gerätes, 8
Beschrijving van het apparaat, 13
Draairichting deuren verwisselbaar, 52
Installatie, 32
Starten en gebruik, 33
Onderhoud en verzorging, 34
Voorzorgsmaatregelen en advies, 35
Storingen en oplossingen, 35


Istruzioni per l’uso



Istruzioni per l’uso, 1
Assistenza, 3
Descrizione dell’apparecchio, 6
Descrizione dell’apparecchio, 11
Reversibilità apertura porte, 52
Installazione, 16
Avvio e utilizzo, 17
Manutenzione e cura, 18
Precauzioni e consigli, 19
Anomalie e rimedi, 19

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ana jimenez padilla • 28-1-2020No comments

Good afternoon, I cannot get the refrigerator to stay cold without freezing the food. To get it to cool down, I have to increase the airflow and it still freezes the food. Which position (out of +32, +4, +6, +8) is the coldest? Thank you.

Good afternoon, I cannot get the refrigerator to stay cold without freezing the food. To get it to cool down, I have to incre...
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Cintia • 25-6-2017No comments

Hello,I have the LI8 FF2W model of refrigerator and since I bought it, it doesn't cool enough. It's better in winter, but in summer it doesn't cool. The temperature controls are +2, +4, +5, +8 and I've tried them all but it doesn't work. Please, which indicator cools the most?Thank you.

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Lola • 11-5-2019No comments

Hello, my refrigerator is the model LI8 FF21X, the freezer does not freeze ice cream and I don't know why. I hope to receive your response. Thank you for the comments, I see that several clients have the same issue. Could it be that they are defective? I await your response.

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Margaret • 13-8-2020No comments

I cannot remove the flexi box of my Indesit L18FF2W

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The Indesit LI8 FF2 W is a refrigerator with a sleek and compact design. With an energy efficiency class of A++ and an annual energy consumption of 255 kWh, this refrigerator is designed to save on energy costs while providing efficient cooling. The fridge has a net capacity of 215 liters, offering ample space for storing groceries and beverages. It features three shelves/baskets, providing convenient storage options for different types of food items. The fridge also incorporates No Frost technology, ensuring that the freezer remains frost-free, eliminating the need for manual defrosting. Speaking of the freezer, it has a net capacity of 90 liters and three shelves/baskets. It also has a freezing capacity of 3 kg per 24 hours, allowing for quick freezing of fresh food items. Measuring 600 mm in width, 680 mm in depth, and 1890 mm in height, the Indesit LI8 FF2 W is designed to fit seamlessly into most kitchen spaces. The package width is 675 mm, ensuring easy transportation and installation. Overall, the Indesit LI8 FF2 W is a reliable and efficient refrigerator that offers ample storage space for both fresh and frozen food items. Its energy-saving features and convenient design make it a practical choice for any household.

LI8 FF2 W | 88629
User manual (PDF), Energy label (PDF)
Annual energy consumption255 kWh
Connected load- W
Fridge net capacity215 L
Fridge number of shelves/baskets3
Number of vegetable drawers-
Fridge gross capacity- L
Fridge interior lightYes
No Frost (fridge)-
Multi-Airflow system (fridge)-
Freezer net capacity90 L
Freezer positionBottom-placed
Freezing capacity3 kg/24h
No Frost (freezer)Yes
Freezer number of shelves/baskets3
Star rating4*
Storage time during power failure17 h
Freezer gross capacity- L
Climate classSN-T
Noise level45 dB
Total net capacity255 L
Total gross capacity- L
Weight & dimensions
Width600 mm
Depth680 mm
Height1890 mm
Package width675 mm
Package depth715 mm
Package height1965 mm
Appliance placementFreestanding
Product colorWhite
Door hingeRight
Reversible doors-
Built-in displayNo
Shelves materialTempered glass
Fresh zone
Fresh zone compartment-
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Can't find the answer to your question in the manual? You may find the answer to your question in the FAQs about the Indesit LI8 FF2 W below.

How do I prevent drops from forming on the glass plates of my fridge?

There may be various causes for this, it is recommended to check the following: - Is the drain hole free of dirt? - Does the refrigerator door close properly? - Is the refrigerator not too full so that air can circulate properly? - Is the temperature not set below 5 degrees?

What do I do about a smelly fridge?

A common method for solving the problem of a smelly fridge is to pour vinegar into the drain and temporarily place a cup of vinegar in the fridge.

How much free space does my fridge need?

A minimum of 2.5 centimetres of free space around the fridge is needed to ventilate properly.

What does R-410A stand for?

R-410A is a refrigerant used in machines that cool to zero degrees Celsius.

What is the height of the Indesit LI8 FF2 W?

The Indesit LI8 FF2 W has a height of 1890 mm.

What is the width of the Indesit LI8 FF2 W?

The Indesit LI8 FF2 W has a width of 600 mm.

What is the depth of the Indesit LI8 FF2 W?

The Indesit LI8 FF2 W has a depth of 680 mm.

Why isn't my refrigerator cooling properly?

There could be several reasons for insufficient cooling. First, check the temperature settings to ensure they are appropriate for your needs. Then, make sure the refrigerator door is properly closed and the seals are intact. Additionally, check if the air vents inside are blocked by food items. Lastly, ensure that the condenser coils at the back of the refrigerator are clean and not clogged with dust or debris.

How can I adjust the temperature in the refrigerator?

To adjust the temperature, locate the control panel usually located on the upper interior of the refrigerator. Press the temperature buttons to increase or decrease the cooling level as needed. Keep in mind that it may take a few hours for the new temperature to stabilize.

What should I do if the refrigerator is making unusual noises?

Unusual noises can indicate various issues. Firstly, check if the refrigerator is properly leveled and stable on the floor. Ensure that it is not touching any surrounding objects or walls. If the noise persists, it might be due to the refrigerant flowing through the system, which is normal. However, if the noise is excessively loud or bothersome, it is recommended to contact a professional technician to diagnose and resolve the issue.

How often should I defrost my freezer?

Manual defrosting is usually required when the frost buildup in the freezer reaches around 0.5 centimeters or more. It is advisable to defrost the freezer when the frost buildup becomes a hindrance or affects the cooling efficiency. Be sure to transfer your perishable items to another fridge or cooler before starting the defrosting process.

Why is there water leaking inside my refrigerator?

Water leakage can be caused by a few factors. Firstly, ensure that the refrigerator is leveled correctly, with all four corners touching the floor evenly. Excessive condensation can occur if the door is frequently opened or left ajar for extended periods. Additionally, check if the drain tube at the back of the fridge is clogged or blocked, preventing proper water drainage. Clear any obstructions or debris to resolve the water leakage issue.

Is the Indesit LI8 FF2 W energy efficient?

Yes, the Indesit LI8 FF2 W has an energy efficiency class of A++, which means it consumes less energy compared to lower-rated models, resulting in lower energy bills for the user.

How much food can be stored in the freezer of the Indesit LI8 FF2 W?

The freezer of the Indesit LI8 FF2 W has a net capacity of 90 L, providing ample space to store frozen food items.

Does the Indesit LI8 FF2 W have a frost-free freezer?

Yes, the Indesit LI8 FF2 W features No Frost technology, which means that the freezer does not require manual defrosting. This saves time and effort for the user.

How long can the Indesit LI8 FF2 W keep food safe during a power outage?

The Indesit LI8 FF2 W has a storage time during power failure of 17 hours, ensuring that the food remains safe and preserved for an extended period without electricity.

How loud is the Indesit LI8 FF2 W?

The Indesit LI8 FF2 W has a noise level of 45 dB, which is relatively quiet compared to other refrigerators. This means that it will not cause significant disturbance in the surrounding environment.

Is the manual of the Indesit LI8 FF2 W available in English?

Yes, the manual of the Indesit LI8 FF2 W is available in English .

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