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The Illy X1 Trio is a countertop espresso machine that is designed with a metal housing material, providing a sturdy and durable construction. The machine does not come with a built-in display, but that does not hinder its functionality. It operates using coffee pods as the input type, offering convenience and ease of use for the user. Despite not having a built-in grinder, the Illy X1 Trio showcases its versatility with various functions. It features automatic anti-calc technology, ensuring that the machine maintains optimal performance by preventing the build-up of limescale. Additionally, a buzzer is included, alerting users when their brew is ready. The Illy X1 Trio excels in the production of different types of coffee. It is capable of making ristretto, espresso, cappuccino, and lungo, catering to a wide range of preferences. Whether you desire a concentrated shot of coffee or a creamy cappuccino, this machine has you covered. Overall, the Illy X1 Trio demonstrates its reliability by offering a range of coffee-making options without compromising on quality. Its robust metal construction ensures durability and the automatic anti-calc feature further contributes to its long lifespan. With its ability to produce various coffee styles, this espresso machine is an ideal addition to any kitchen countertop.

X1 Trio | 8003753914138
coffee maker
User manual (PDF)
Appliance placementCountertop
Product typeEspresso machine
Capacity in cups- cups
Coffee input typeCoffee pod
Coffee maker type-
Built-in grinderNo
Automatic anti-calcYes
Product colorBlue
Housing materialMetal
Built-in displayNo
Cooking functions & programs
Ristretto makingYes
Espresso makingYes
Cappuccino makingYes
Lungo makingYes
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How often should I descale my coffee maker?

How often a coffee machine needs to be descaled depends on how often it is used and the hardness of the water. If hard water is used it is recommended to descale once a month, if soft water is used once a quarter is sufficient.

What is the best way to descale my coffee maker?

To descale the coffee maker, it is recommended to use a liquid descaling agent which is labelled as suitable for coffee machines.

What is espresso?

Espresso is a small amount of concentrated coffee.

How long can I keep coffee beans?

The best-before date can be found on the packaging of the coffee beans. This best-before date applies as long as the bag is closed.

What is the best way to store coffee?

It is recommended to store coffee in an airtight and clean container.

What does the grind say about the taste of the coffee?

How the coffee beans are ground strongly influences the taste of the coffee. If the coffee beans are very finely ground you will have a stronger taste and if the grind is coarser you will have a milder taste.

Why is my Illy X1 Trio not turning on?

A common reason for your coffee maker not turning on is that it is not properly connected to a power source. Make sure the power cord is securely plugged into a functional electrical outlet.

How can I adjust the temperature of my Illy X1 Trio?

To adjust the temperature, you can use the integrated temperature control knob located on the front of the machine. Turn it clockwise to increase the temperature or counterclockwise to decrease it according to your preference.

Why is my coffee not coming out of the machine?

One potential issue might be a clogged or blocked coffee spout. Ensure that the spout is not obstructed by coffee grounds or other residue. If necessary, you can clean the spout using a small brush or a pin to remove any blockages.

How can I froth milk with the Illy X1 Trio?

For milk frothing, you can use the steam wand located on the right side of the machine. Fill a jug with cold milk and place the steam wand tip just below the surface. Turn the steam knob counterclockwise to start steam production, and move the jug in a circular motion to create creamy frothed milk.

How can I perform a descaling process on my Illy X1 Trio?

Descaling is crucial to maintain the performance of your coffee maker. Fill the water tank with a descaling solution according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then, power on the machine and press the coffee delivery button. Allow the solution to run through the machine completely, ensuring it goes through both the coffee and steam functions. Finally, rinse the machine thoroughly with clean water by running it through once or twice without any coffee or descaling solution.

Is Illy X1 Trio an espresso machine?

Yes, Illy X1 Trio is an espresso machine. This means that it is designed to make espresso coffee.

Does Illy X1 Trio have a built-in grinder?

No, Illy X1 Trio does not have a built-in grinder. This means that you will need to grind the coffee beans separately before using this machine.

Can Illy X1 Trio make ristretto?

Yes, Illy X1 Trio can make ristretto. This means that it is capable of producing a strong and concentrated shot of espresso.

Does Illy X1 Trio have automatic anti-calc feature?

Yes, Illy X1 Trio has automatic anti-calc feature. This means that it has a built-in mechanism to prevent limescale build-up and prolong the lifespan of the machine.

Can Illy X1 Trio make cappuccino?

Yes, Illy X1 Trio can make cappuccino. This means that it has the necessary features to froth and steam milk, allowing you to create a creamy and frothy cappuccino.

Is the manual of the Illy X1 Trio available in English?

Yes, the manual of the Illy X1 Trio is available in English .

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