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Important Safety Information

See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the
chartplotter product box for product warnings and other
important information.
You are responsible for the safe and prudent operation of your
vessel. Sonar is a tool that enhances your awareness of the
water beneath your boat. It does not relieve you of the
responsibility of observing the water around your boat as you
Failure to install and maintain this equipment in accordance with
these instructions could result in damage or injury.
Always wear safety goggles, ear protection, and a dust mask
when drilling, cutting, or sanding.
When drilling or cutting, always check what is on the opposite
side of the surface.
To obtain the best performance and to avoid damage to your
boat, you must install the Garmin
device according to these
Read all installation instructions before proceeding with the
installation. If you experience difficulty during the installation, go
to for more information.

Software Update

You must update the Garmin chartplotter software when you
install this device.
If your chartplotter has WiFi
technology, you should update the
software using the ActiveCaptain
app on a compatible Android
or Apple
If your chartplotter does not have WiFi technology, you should
update the software using a memory card and a Windows
For more information, go to

Tools Needed

4 mm (
in.) and 3.2 mm (
in.) drill bits
Masking tape
#2 Phillips screwdriver
Marine sealant
32 mm (1
in.) hole saw (optional)
Cable ties (optional)

Mounting Considerations

You must angle the transducer correctly for your selected
mode to work properly.
You must install the sonar module in a location with adequate
ventilation where it will not be exposed to extreme
You should mount the transducer in a location where it will
not be jarred when launching, hauling, or storing.
You should mount the transducer in a location where it is not
behind strakes, struts, fittings, water intake or discharge
ports, thru-hull transducers, or anything that creates air
bubbles or causes the water to become turbulent. Turbulent
water may interfere with the sonar beam.
You should mount the transducer as close to the center line
of the boat as possible.
When mounted farther from the center of the transom, a
greater deadrise can cause the boat hull to interfere with
the sonar beam , and can cause inconsistent detection on
the opposite side of the boat
. The transducer is shown
from behind.
On single-drive vessels, you must not mount the transducer
in the path of the propeller.
On twin-drive vessels, you should mount the transducer
between the drives, if possible.
You should mount the sonar module in a location where the
LEDs are visible, where the cables can be connected, and
where the device will not be submerged.

Cable Considerations

Separating the Siamese cables near the rotating joint on a
cable-steered trolling motor reduces stress and extends the life
of the cables.
Zip ties and cable clamps can over-tighten and damage or break
the cable, or cause cable fatigue due to repeated rotation of the
You should use black electrical tape to secure the cables above
and below the rotating joint. If you secure the cables with zip
ties, do not over-tighten the zip ties.
You should secure the cables above and below the pivot joint of
your trolling motor.
You should create a service loop at least 25 cm (10 in.) long in
the cables, with the rotating joint centered on the loop.
You should use the included tool, a flathead screwdriver, or a
blunt knife to separate the cables.

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Klint Weldon • 23-12-2022No comments

Ive updated my garmin echomap ultra 106sv to the new software by active captain. I did not have my gls10 hooked to power when i updated. My question is…. Am i suppose to update the gls 10 as well it came as a livescope 34 plus bundle already ready to go. I cant find the gls 10 on active captain. How do i sync gls10 with active captain?

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Marc Albertin • 14-4-2022No comments

I am interested in the GLS -10 Livescape component fin surface temperatures in operation. Particularly the high temperature expectations or specifications in hot weather - can you provide some information as to what to expect? Thank you

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How do I connect the Garmin GLS 10 to my device?

Simply go to the settings menu on your device and select the option to pair a new device. Look for the Garmin GLS 10 in the available devices list and establish a connection.

How can I update the firmware on my Garmin GLS 10?

To update the firmware, connect your Garmin GLS 10 to your computer using the provided USB cable. Then, navigate to the Garmin website and download the latest firmware version. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update on your device.

How do I calibrate the sensor on the Garmin GLS 10?

Start by placing your Garmin GLS 10 in an area with clear sky view and minimal interference. Then, access the settings menu on your device and locate the sensor calibration option. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided to ensure accurate readings.

Is it possible to customize the data fields displayed on the Garmin GLS 10?

Absolutely! You can personalize the data fields shown on your Garmin GLS 10 display. Navigate to the settings menu and select the option to customize data fields. From there, you can choose the specific metrics you want to be visible during your activities.

How do I adjust the display brightness on my Garmin GLS 10?

To adjust the display brightness, access the settings menu on your Garmin GLS 10 and select the display option. Look for the brightness setting and use the provided slider to increase or decrease the brightness level according to your preference.

Is the manual of the Garmin GLS 10 available in English?

Yes, the manual of the Garmin GLS 10 is available in English .

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