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Florabest FBK 4 C2
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Dave • 18-9-2023No comments

Been idle since new for about 3 yrs id say. Pit some petrol I'm today and got it running. But once I try to squeeze throttle it dies. Any ideas.?

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John Joseph Quinn • 21-7-2022No comments

trimmer shaft tread size for florabest fbk 4 c2

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selwyn Davies • 3-2-2021No comments

What kind of fuel is recommended for FBK 4C2

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Tom Finn • 11-5-2020No comments

Is it possible to get a spare spring for the strimmer

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iaran • 27-11-2019No comments

how to change strimmer head with bush cutter blade

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FBK 4 C2
User manual (PDF)

Can't find the answer to your question in the manual? You may find the answer to your question in the FAQs about the Florabest FBK 4 C2 below.

What is the best way to clean my saw blade?

1. Wipe sawdust from the saw blade with a brush. 2. Spray the saw blade with oven cleaner and leave for 30 minutes. 3. Remove the oven cleaner and dirt with a dry cloth. 4. Grease saw blade with Vaseline.

My saw blade is blunt. What now?

If there is resin or other debris on the blade, it may look like the blade is blunt. If the saw blade has been thoroughly cleaned and is still blunt, it is recommended to have the saw blade sharpened.

How do I remove rust from my Florabest saw?

1. Soak the rusty part in vinegar until completely soaked through. 2. Let the vinegar work on the rust for 24 hours. 3. Remove the rust with a wire brush or aluminium foil.

What does '16V' or '20V' mean?

The maximum achievable charge level is expressed with 16V or 20V. The V in this case stands for Volt.

Do I have to wear hearing protection when using a saw?

The amount of sound varies a lot per brand and type of saw, it is therefore wise to wear hearing protection to be sure.

How do I properly start the Florabest FBK 4 C2 saw?

Prior to starting the saw, ensure the choke is engaged, then firmly squeeze the throttle trigger while simultaneously pulling the starter cord until the engine ignites. Release the choke gradually as the engine warms up.

What could be the reason for the saw not cutting efficiently?

Inefficient cutting may be caused by a dull or damaged chain. It is crucial to regularly inspect and sharpen the chain using a suitable file or take it to a professional for maintenance to ensure optimal cutting performance.

How can I adjust the tension of the chain on the saw?

To adjust the chain tension, first, ensure the saw is turned off and disconnected from any power sources. Using a screwdriver or the appropriate tensioning tool, tighten the chain until it fits snugly against the guide bar, but still allows smooth movement of the chain around the bar.

How often should I clean and maintain the air filter of the saw?

It is recommended to clean the air filter of your saw after approximately every ten hours of use or more frequently in dusty environments. Remove the filter cover, take out the filter element, and gently clean it with compressed air or lukewarm water and mild detergent. Allow the filter to thoroughly dry before reinstalling.

Can I use any type of bar and chain oil with the Florabest FBK 4 C2 saw?

It is essential to use a high-quality bar and chain oil recommended for chainsaws. These oils are specifically designed to minimize wear, reduce friction, and provide proper lubrication to the chain and guide bar. Using the correct oil will help extend the life of your equipment and ensure optimal cutting performance.

Is the manual of the Florabest FBK 4 C2 available in English?

Yes, the manual of the Florabest FBK 4 C2 is available in English .

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