Einhell BG-EC 1840 manual

Einhell BG-EC 1840
8.6 · 5
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 · 108 pages
manualEinhell BG-EC 1840
Original operating instructions
Electric chainsaw
Mode d’emploi d’origine
Scie à chaîne électrique
Istruzioni per l’uso originali
Motosega elettrica
Original betjeningsvejledning
Elektrisk kedjesåg
Originalne upute za uporabu
električne lančane pile
Originalna uputstva za upotrebu
Električna lančana testera
Originální návod k obsluze
Elektrická řetězová pila
Originálny návod na obsluhu
Elektrická reťazová píla

Art.-Nr.: 45.015.68 I.-Nr.: 11030


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how do you clean the chainsaw oil outlet and where is it located

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Welke kettingtype past hier op

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started to make a sort of hollow noise then stopped slight overheat smell but the saw was cold?

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BG-EC 1840 | 4501700
User manual (PDF)
Power1800 W
Power sourceAC
Chain bar length375 mm
Chain speed13.5 m/s
Product colorBlack, Blue
Cable length0.4 m
Oil level indicatorYes
Weight & dimensions
Weight5000 g
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Can't find the answer to your question in the manual? You may find the answer to your question in the FAQs about the Einhell BG-EC 1840 below.

What is the weight of the Einhell BG-EC 1840?

The Einhell BG-EC 1840 has a weight of 5000 g.

What is the best way to clean my saw blade?

1. Wipe sawdust from the saw blade with a brush. 2. Spray the saw blade with oven cleaner and leave for 30 minutes. 3. Remove the oven cleaner and dirt with a dry cloth. 4. Grease saw blade with Vaseline.

My saw blade is blunt. What now?

If there is resin or other debris on the blade, it may look like the blade is blunt. If the saw blade has been thoroughly cleaned and is still blunt, it is recommended to have the saw blade sharpened.

How do I remove rust from my Einhell saw?

1. Soak the rusty part in vinegar until completely soaked through. 2. Let the vinegar work on the rust for 24 hours. 3. Remove the rust with a wire brush or aluminium foil.

What does '16V' or '20V' mean?

The maximum achievable charge level is expressed with 16V or 20V. The V in this case stands for Volt.

Do I have to wear hearing protection when using a saw?

The amount of sound varies a lot per brand and type of saw, it is therefore wise to wear hearing protection to be sure.

How do I assemble the Einhell BG-EC 1840 saw?

Start by attaching the hand grip securely to the main body of the saw. Then, assemble the guide bar and chain, ensuring they are fitted properly and tensioned correctly according to the instructions. Finally, connect the power cord securely to the saw and the power source.

How do I adjust the chain tension of the Einhell BG-EC 1840 saw?

Locate the chain tensioning knob on the side of the saw and turn it clockwise to loosen the chain. Once the chain is loose, use a flathead screwdriver to adjust the tension by tightening or loosening the tensioning screw until it achieves the recommended 0.2 to 0.3 centimeter chain slack.

What is the correct fuel mixture for the Einhell BG-EC 1840 saw?

The Einhell BG-EC 1840 saw uses a 2-stroke engine which requires a fuel mixture of unleaded gasoline and 2-stroke engine oil in a ratio of 25:1. Ensure that the fuel is well mixed before refueling the saw to achieve optimal performance.

How do I start the Einhell BG-EC 1840 saw?

Begin by placing the saw on a flat, stable surface and switching the power switch to the "ON" position. Then, set the choke lever to the starting position, pull the starter cord briskly with a strong grip, and allow the engine to warm up for a few seconds. After that, move the choke lever to the "RUN" position, and the saw will be ready to use.

What are the recommended safety precautions when using the Einhell BG-EC 1840 saw?

Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety goggles, ear protection, gloves, and sturdy footwear. Ensure that the work area is clear of obstacles and bystanders before operating the saw. Maintain a proper grip on the handle, keep both hands on the saw at all times, and be cautious of kickback. Regularly inspect and clean the saw for debris accumulation to prevent malfunctions.

Does the Einhell BG-EC 1840 have an oil level indicator?

Yes, the Einhell BG-EC 1840 has an oil level indicator. This is a useful feature as it allows the user to easily monitor the oil level and ensure proper lubrication of the chainsaw.

What is the power source of the Einhell BG-EC 1840?

The power source of the Einhell BG-EC 1840 is AC. This means that it needs to be plugged into a power outlet to operate.

What is the chain speed of the Einhell BG-EC 1840?

The chain speed of the Einhell BG-EC 1840 is 13.5 m/s. This indicates that it has a relatively high chain speed, which can result in efficient cutting performance.

How much power does the Einhell BG-EC 1840 have?

The Einhell BG-EC 1840 has a power of 1800 W. This is a respectable power rating and can provide sufficient cutting power for various tasks.

Is the manual of the Einhell BG-EC 1840 available in English?

Yes, the manual of the Einhell BG-EC 1840 is available in English .

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