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Eero Pro 6 Wi-Fi
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manualEero Pro 6 Wi-Fi

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Matthew Sutherland • 7-11-2022No comments

I live in an attic loft in a house-share and the landlady keeps the WiFi Eero box on the ground floor so no signal is able to reach me. I have recently bought a Netgear WiFi extender and I have no idea how to connect the two devices together, as there are no buttons on the Eero box and I am supposed to press the WPS button to make the connection. How can I resolve this?

I live in an attic loft in a house-share and the landlady keeps the WiFi Eero box on the ground floor so no signal is able to...
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Cendy • 16-4-2023No comments

I have EERO Model N010001 and one of the wireless units shows red (not connected to the internet). How do I go about connecting it to the internet. Is there an app I should be using. It looks like the light is white but it is Red.

I have EERO Model N010001 and one of the wireless units shows red (not connected to the internet). How do I go about connecti...
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Alan Zengel • 29-4-2023No comments

I can't download manual. Where can I go to successfully download it to print out.

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David G • 12-9-2023No comments

I have the eero app on my phone and like the fact that i can control all devises on my wifi. I know how to turn on/off any particular devise, but need to k ow if i can set up yomed on/off. For example , can i set up my childs wifi to turn off at 9 pm amd back on at 6 am automatically ?

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Steve Moses • 1-7-2023No comments

I have not established EERO service with Mediacom yet but yesterday purchased an ERRO Pro 6E with 3 units. I have a solar panel system that I have into my present router via ethernet, wireless seems not to be an option. How do I continue that solar panel system ethernet connection as the utility company needs to know the amount of electricity generated by the system on an ongoing basis? Should I purchase a Motorola MB 8600 in addition? It only has one ethernet port. Can I use a splitter on that. Thanks much..

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Barry • 22-6-2023No comments

Light on router and remotes is orange. How did I reset?

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Jan Urso • 5-6-2023No comments

We’ve successfully connected the EE of six pro bass station, but we cannot seem to get to two satellites to operate help

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Caleb Johnson • 5-5-2023No comments

How do I port foward on my router

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Debra Taddei • 20-4-2023No comments

When I enable the bridge for my Modem/Router there seems to be a problem with my modems ip. Also it showed my connection to the internet limited, which ment no connection. I was sitting right next to one of the eeros. All the eeros were placed in spots the app deemed good. They all connected as per the app. I unplugged the eeros and disabled bridge so we could use our wifi in some areas. Does eero pro 6 have an ip that might interfere with the Motorola modem after the bridge occures.

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Ed Mishmash • 18-4-2023No comments

When I have to re-boot my modem, the lights on my eero 6+ units turn red. How do you get them back to normal

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The Eero Pro 6 Wi-Fi router is a high-performance networking device that offers fast and reliable internet connectivity. Designed to meet the demands of modern homes and workplaces, this router delivers robust Wi-Fi signals throughout your space. The Eero Pro 6 utilizes the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, ensuring faster speeds, increased capacity, and reduced network congestion. It is equipped with dual-band connectivity, supporting both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for optimal performance and compatibility with a wide range of devices. Featuring a sleek and compact design, the Eero Pro 6 is easy to set up and manage. The user-friendly mobile app allows you to customize and control your network settings effortlessly. With advanced security features, including automatic firmware updates and encrypted connections, this router prioritizes the privacy and protection of your data. The Eero Pro 6 supports multi-gigabit internet speeds, making it suitable for bandwidth-intensive activities like streaming 4K videos, online gaming, and video conferencing. It also offers excellent coverage, allowing you to enjoy strong Wi-Fi signals in every corner of your home or office. With its capacity to support multiple devices simultaneously, the Eero Pro 6 ensures a seamless and uninterrupted online experience for all users. Whether you are working, streaming, or gaming, this router provides reliable and fast internet connectivity to meet your needs.

Pro 6 Wi-Fi
User manual (PDF)

Can't find the answer to your question in the manual? You may find the answer to your question in the FAQs about the Eero Pro 6 Wi-Fi below.

What is the difference between a router and a modem?

A modem provides the internet connection via the internet provider. A router then distributes the Internet signal to the devices connected to the router.

What does the download speed on the internet depend on?

The download speed on the internet depends on the type of connection you have. If you have a 25 Mb/s connection this means that theoretically you should be able to download 25 MB per second.

Is WIFI radiation harmful?

WIFI is a radio frequency signal in the form of non-ionising radiation. This radiation cannot damage cells and tissues and is therefore not harmful to human health.

Why is my Eero Pro 6 Wi-Fi not connecting to the internet?

Ensure that your Eero Pro 6 router is properly connected to your modem by checking all the cables are securely plugged in. Restart both the modem and the router to establish a fresh connection. Additionally, verify that your internet service provider is not experiencing any outages in your area.

How can I optimize the Wi-Fi signal strength throughout my home?

To ensure optimal Wi-Fi coverage, consider placing your Eero Pro 6 router in a central location within your home. Avoid placing it near large obstructions or in enclosed spaces, as this can hinder signal transmission. Additionally, keeping the router away from electronic devices and appliances can minimize interference.

How can I create a separate guest network for visitors to connect to?

Open the Eero mobile app and navigate to the Network Settings. From there, you can easily set up a guest network by following the instructions provided. This separate network allows guests to securely connect to the internet without accessing your main network.

How can I prioritize internet bandwidth to specific devices on my network?

With the Eero mobile app, you can prioritize bandwidth for specific devices. Simply go to the Network Settings and locate the device you want to allocate more bandwidth to. From there, enable the "Priority Device" option to ensure it receives a higher level of internet speed and stability.

How do I update the firmware on my Eero Pro 6 router?

To update the firmware on your Eero Pro 6 router, open the Eero mobile app and go to the Settings. Select the option for Software Updates, and if a new firmware version is available, follow the prompts to initiate the update. Updating the firmware ensures that your router has the latest bug fixes and optimizations.

Is the manual of the Eero Pro 6 Wi-Fi available in English?

Yes, the manual of the Eero Pro 6 Wi-Fi is available in English .

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