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Drayton Digistat RF2 manual

    To avoid the possibility of having to reprogramme the
    switching times and temperatures, it is advisable to wait
    until the display with a flashing battery symbol changes to a
    continuous battery only display (after 30 days – Diagram D).
    In this condition the unit will remain OFF but your
    programmed settings will be held in the memory for a number of weeks. The
    two battery compartments can now be left open, to replace the batteries, for
    pproximately one hour. If the compartments are left open for longer, the unit
    will revert to the factory preset times and temperatures. It may be necessary to
    reset the correct time of day after changing the batteries.
    The battery compartments are situated at the bottom of the unit (press to
    unlatch and slide down). Ensure new batteries are installed correctly. Close the
    right hand compartment first followed by the left.
    1. First/last set times The Day 1 setting cannot be programmed before
    12.00. The night setting can be programmed at whatever time you require,
    even after 12.00 midnight so long as it is not programmed more than 23 hours
    50 minutes after the Day 1 setting.
    2. Part or full day omission If during programming the Digistat, one of the
    symbols on the left hand side of the screen starts to flash, this indicates that two
    or more of the switching times have been set to the same time. This facility
    enables you to omit one or more of the switched periods. When one or more
    switching times are programmed together the later setting takes precedent. For
    example, if all four switching times were set together the Digistat would control
    continuously at the fourth (night) temperature setting .
    3. Programme sequence The Digistat will not allow you to program the
    switched periods out of sequence but will hold the times together as stated above.
    4. Reset If at any time during the programming you get confused and would
    like to start the procedure from the beginning press the SELECT and – buttons
    at the same time and hold for two seconds. This resets the Digistat to the
    factory preset times and temperatures shown in the table (overleaf).
    5. Self revert If during programming no button is pressed for between one and
    two minutes the Digistat will revert automatically to its normal operating mode.
    This product operates on a new frequency of 433 MHz and is not inter-
    changeable with previous 418 MHz units which can be easily identified:
    433 MHz =
    Drayton brand
    418 MHz = brand
    89/336/EEC Electromagnetic compatibility
    Digistat RF 2 ‘Wireless System’
    User instructions
    Once the ‘Wireless System’ has been commissioned, there should be little need
    for any user interface with the SCR.
    During normal operation the red and green LEDs will occasionally be on,
    these signify the following:
    Green LED
    The green LED will be on when there is a demand for heating, and off when
    there is no demand.
    Red LED
    The red LED will flash for 7 seconds, approximately every 5 minutes. This
    denotes that a radio signal is being received from the Digistat RF unit.
    Red LED continually flashing
    This denotes that the batteries in the Digistat RF unit are approaching the end of
    their life (see ‘battery replacement’).
    Red LED continually on
    This denotes that the SCR has been unable to receive a radio signal from the
    Digistat RF unit. This may be caused by the batteries being dead (see ‘battery
    replacement’) or some temporary interference with the radio signal.
    To resend and test the signal, go to the Digistat RF unit. If the flame symbol is
    visible on the display, press the ‘–’ button until it disappears. If the flame symbol
    is not visible, press the ‘+’ button until it appears. If the radio signal has been
    successfully transmitted and received, the red LED will flash for 7 seconds then
    go off. If the red LED is still on, ‘learn mode’ may have been selected by accident
    (SCR buttons 1 and 2 pressed simultaneously). To correct, open both RF battery
    drawers and wait for the display to fade, close the right hand drawer followed by
    the left and reprogramme RF with your desired time and temperature settings.
    If the red LED is still on, there may be some other fault that will require the
    attention of a heating engineer/electrician.
    The heating can be manually switched on and off by using the ‘OVERRIDE’
    button on the SCR in a fault situation, even though the red LED will stay on until
    a satisfactory signal is reinstated.
    Once the SCR receives a satisfactory signal again, it will automatically reset
    itself for normal operation.
    Diagram D
    Invensys Controls Europe
    Technical Helpline: +44 (0)845 1307722
    Customer Services: +44 (0)845 1305522
    An Invensys Product 090 795
    Invensys Climate Controls reserve the right to make changes without notice and cannot accept liability for errors. IssB
    090-795 Digistat RF2 Inst IssB 12/5/06 16:13 Page 1
Drayton Digistat RF2

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How do I open to replace the batteries

Beryl Dyer, 26-10-2020 15:21:54

We have moved into a house with a Drayton Digistat RF2 Wireless System Programmer. Unfortunately there is no user Manuel. We have tried to find it on the internet but the print is so small we can't read it and it wont print

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The temperature doesn’t go higher than 19 degrees

Drayton Digistat RF2
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Having trouble with setting Drayton s c r / r f 2

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The green light on digitsat scr does not light up when the boiler fires up.

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How do i open the box to change the batteries

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Screen blank so changed batteries but nothing has happened. No digital information just blank

Drayton Digistat RF2
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Julia, 28-4-2020 16:05:38 1 comment

Hi after removing wallpaper the digital thermometer box on the wall has gone blank I must have got some moisture in it . Is there a way to reboot or get it to work again as the heating is no longer working! Ooops

Maggie Shaw, 29-6-2020 13:58:10

Display is incomplete

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