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Manual Diamond Hone


Model 4635

For Fishing and Light Sporting Knives
razor-sharp “micro-blades” along the dominant
teeth enhancing the cutting action and reducing
the sawing and tearing action otherwise typical
of serrated blades. Even new “factory-fresh”
serrated knives frequently have poorly formed,
dull saw-teeth that can benefit from sharpening
in the Model 4635. The Model 4635 restores dull
teeth to better-than-new condition. The cutting
effectiveness of the serrations depends almost
entirely on the sharpness of the points (edges) of
the teeth. It is not necessary to sharpen the sides
and bottoms of the scallops between the teeth,
since in general, they are not doing the cutting.
To Sharpen Fishing/Fillet Knives
or Other 15° Double-Faceted
Edge Blades
Sharpening (use “Fish” slot)
Place the sharpener on a secure level surface.
Clean the knife well before sharpening. Hold
the sharpener handle with left hand (if right
handed) keeping index finger and thumb behind
the partitioning wall of sharpening section.
Position knife blade with other hand in the
“Fish” slot. Center the blade (left and right) in
the slot so that the face of the blade does not
touch either side wall of the slot. Slide the blade
repeatedly forward and back toward you along
its full length. Apply only modest downward
pressure as it is sharpened. (Avoid excessive
downward pressure on blade that might
damage the sharpening elements.) Unless the
blade is very dull or never sharpened before at
15°, twenty-five (25) back and forth full strokes
will likely suffice. Otherwise continue sharpening
(back and forth strokes) until the knife is sharp
enough to cut paper well or slice easily thru a
tomato. If the knife is very dull or the factory
edge is larger than 15°, one hundred or more full
strokes may be needed the first time to fully reset
and sharpen in the “Fish” slot. This completes
the sharpening step in this stage. Proceed to the
next step, “Polishing & Serrated”. Do not sharpen
this type knife in “Hunt” slot.
Honing & Polishing
(use “Polishing & Serrated” slot)
Move the knife to “Polishing & Serrated” slot
and continue with back and forth strokes
using just enough downward pressure to
ensure steady and consistent contact with the
sharpening surfaces. Keep the blade centered
left and right, avoiding contact with the sides
of the slot. Make about 25 light full strokes in
this stage and again test the blade sharpness
using a sheet of paper or a tomato. When fully
finished the knife should cut easily and smoothly.
Make additional strokes if necessary. You should
now have a very sharp and durable edge. To
resharpen the fillet style edge, repeat Steps 1
and 2 above.
To Sharpen Light Hunting, Sporting
and All 20° Euro/American Knives
Sharpen first in “Hunt” slot:
Sharpening (use “Hunt” slot)
Position the blade in the “Hunt” slot. Center the
blade (left and right) in the slot so that the face

Sharpening Instructions

The Chef’sChoice
Model 4635 is a
unique 3-Stage sharpener ideal for creating op-
timum edges on fishing and light hunting knives.
It can be used also for all of your kitchen knives,
fine edged or serrated as well as for pocket
knives. This novel 3-Stage design features a two
step sharpening process using 100% diamond
abrasives but different procedures as described
below for each class of blade in order to optimize
the edge geometry for each use.
The sharpener can be used either right or
left handed.
In order to obtain the ideal edge for fish filet
knives you want to sharpen first in the “Fish”
slot to set the ideal angle of 15 degrees and then
finely hone and polish the edge in the “Polish-
ing & Serrated” slot which places a very sharp
micro-bevel along that edge.
If you want to place an optimum edge on
light hunting or sporting knives you will want to
sharpen first in the center “Hunt” slot to set the
optimum angle of 20 degrees and then follow in
the right “Polishing & Serrated” slot, to create
a very sharp micro bevel along that edge. This
process places a durable edge on the light hunt-
ing or sporting knives that is exceedingly sharp.
Both sides of the knife edge are simultane-
ously shaped and sharpened. This construction
ensures that the edges are well formed and
very sharp every time. The abrasives consist
of selected 100% diamond crystals embedded
on unique interdigitating steel support plates.
The Model 4635 consistently outperforms
conventional sharpeners that use less efficient
abrasives and lack adequate control of the
sharpening angle. Diamonds, the hardest
known material, are extremely durable.
Straight-edge knives sharpened on the
Model 4635 will be “shaving sharp” with a mild
“bite” that helps them cut effortlessly. It makes
cutting and slicing a pleasure and removes
the drudgery of working with dull knives. This
sharpener creates a double-beveled longer-
lasting arch-shaped edge which is stronger
than conventional “V-shaped” or hollow ground
edges. This unique arch structure ensures a
sharper edge that will stay sharp longer.
Serrated knives sharpen quickly in Model
4635 using only the “Polishing & Serrated”
stage. The special diamonds in that stage create
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