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Drying table

Cottons/Coloureds (textiles made of cotton or linen such as underwear, T-shirts, sweaters, trousers, kitchen towels)
Dry weight in kg 0,5ɛ1,0 1,0ɛ2,0 2,0ɛ3,0 3,0ɛ4,0
ɛ0,5 ɛ1,0 ɛ2,0 ɛ2,5
Estimated drying time in minutes
Selectable drying time in minutes
Cupboard dry
< 60 60ɛ80 80ɛ110 110ɛ150
30 60 90 120
< 65 65ɛ90 90ɛ130 130ɛ160
Recommended programme
Intensive Dry {c(auto) Intensive Dry {c(time)
Quilt/Terry towel (big or thick textiles made of cotton such as terry towels, bed sheets, table cloths, jeans, workwear)
Dry weight in kg
0,5ɛ1,0 1,0ɛ2,0 2,0ɛ3,0 3,0ɛ4,0
ɛ0,5 ɛ1,0 ɛ1,5 ɛ2,0
Estimated drying time in minutes
Selectable drying time in minutes
Cupboard dry
< 60 60ɛ90 90ɛ120 120ɛ160
30 60 90 120
< 80 80ɛ110 110ɛ140 140ɛ170
Recommended programme
Intensive Dry {c(auto) Intensive Dry { (time)
Easy-Care (textiles made of synthetic or mixed fibres such as shirts, sportswear, delicate garments)
Dry weight in kg
0,5ɛ1,0 1,0ɛ2,0 2,0ɛ2,5
ɛ0,5 ɛ1,0 ɛ1,5 ɛ2,0
Estimated drying time in minutes
Selectable drying time in minutes
Cupboard dry
< 50 50ɛ100 100ɛ120
30 60 90 120
< 60 60ɛ110 110ɛ130
Recommended programme
Gentle Dry 8c(auto) Gentle Dry 8c (time)
Times are approximate and refer to standard load, spin programme and environment temperature.
The maximum selectable drying time (time dry) is 120 minutes, if the load of the laundry to be dried is more than 2.5 kg, please select
auto dry function. Auto dry is recommended to achieve good drying result and save energy. 15âminutes time dry programme is for
cooling down the laundry.

Consumption values

Programme Option LoadElectricity consumption ***Water ***Programme duration ***
Cottons LF 30 °C ** Intensive 7 kg 0,49 kWh 74 l 2:18 h
Cottons LF 40 °C ** Intensive 7 kg 0,57 kWh 74 l 2:18 h
Cottons Eco 60 °C** Intensive 7 kg 1,19 kWh 51 l 2:31 h
Cottons LF 90 °C 7 kg 2,10 kWh 84 l 2:15 h
Easy-Care I 40 °C** Intensive 3,5 kg 0,59 kWh 55 l 1:43 h
Mix Load÷/ 40 °C **
3,5 kg 0,54 kWh 52 l 1:03 h
Delicate/Silk 30 °C 2 kg 0,15 kWh 29 l 0:39 h
: Wool O : (cold) 2 kg 0,08 kWh 42 l 0:36 h
: Wool O 30 °C 2 kg 0,16 kWh 42 l 0:36 h
Intensive Dry { 4 kg 2,55 kWh 3 l 2:30 h
Gentle Dry 8 2,5 kg 1,55 kWh 3 l 2:00 h
Fluff Clean : (cold)
- 0,04 kWh 29 l 0:16 h
Cottons Eco 60 °C +
Intensive Dry { (2 cycles)*
Intensive* 7/3,5 kg 5,67 kWh 57 l 6:58 h
* Programme setting for testing and energy labelling in accordance with EN50229, EU directive 96/60/EC..
** Programme setting for testing according to the currently valid version of EN60456.
Note for comparative testing: to test using the test programmes, wash using the specified load amount and maximum spin speed.
Select the Mix Load/ 40 °C programme and maximum spin speed as the short programme for coloureds.
*** The values deviate from the indicated values depending on water pressure, hardness, and inlet temperature, ambiente temperature,
type, amount and soiling of the laundry, detergent used, fluctuations in the power supply and selected additional functions.

Display symbols
Display information
Before starting a programme, the
max. load for the selected
programme is displayed when the
door is open.
The remaining time or finish-in
time is displayed when the door is
closed. drying status (Auto dry
mode/Time dry duration/OFF) **
* Display shown may vary
depending on the model and
selected programme.
**Only when the drying
programme is available.
Option buttons
You can change the spin speed and temperature even while the selected programme is running.
The effects depend on the progress of the programme.
°C Temp.
You can change the indicated washing temperature. The maximum washing temperature which
can be selected depends on the programme that has been chosen. aPage 7
þ Washing: On if wash process is running.
cRinse: On if rinse process is running.
Spin: On if spin process is active.
7cDrying: On if drying process is active.
Automatic load detection: Automatically detects the
load size after water inlet phase and sets accurate remaining
time. Symbols indicate small, middle and full loads measured*
according to the recommended max. load of the selected
* Automatic display of the detected load only for washing
programmes with a max. load recommendation > 3.0 kg
except for Rinse/Spin «/ and Empty >. Different types
of textiles with different water absorption rates may influence
the load display.
Tap is: Flashing if tap not open or no water supply.
On if low water pressure.
This will extend the programme.
Overdosage: Foam detected. Maybe too much detergent.
cDoor:On if door can be opened.
#Childproof lock: On if childproof lock is activated.
Flashing if there is misoperation.
Activate/deactivate childproof lock.
aPage 10
kg, *:maximum load recommendation in kg for selected
washing/drying programme. aPage 7: Programme overview
Time, e.g. *: programme remaining time, or
*:Finish-in time defined by user.
aPage 10
Dry, drying mode and drying time:
: Auto dry mode 1.
: Auto dry mode 2, extra dry for drying programme.
: Drying programme is off;
*: Time dry for solo drying programme, drying time defined
manually. aPage 10: { button
: On if programme is in pause.
: On if door can be opened when programme was
: End of programme, or
:end of programme with the setting.
*: Set volume of signals. aPage 10
*:Information on the display. aPage 11

Display and Option buttons

Finish in
When you select a programme, the respective programme duration is displayed. You can delay
the start of the programme before it begins. The finish-in time indicates when the programme will
be finished. It can be set in hour increments up to a maximum of 24 h.
Press and hold the Finish in button until the required number of hours is shown (h=hour).
Select Start/Reload $, theâdoor is locked.
cSpin speed
You can change the indicated spin speed. The maximum spin speed which can be selected
depends on the chosen programme. If is selected, the load is held in the rinsing water.
{ Dry
You can activate, deactivate and set the drying function by touching this option button. Mode
ofâwashing and drying without interruption is auto dry only; when single drying programme
isâselected, you can choose auto dry, or time dry with desired drying time. aPage 8
Additional functions
See also Programme overview aPage 7
7 Prewash For heavily soiled laundry. Prewash at max. 30°C.
2 Rinse Plus
Additional rinse cycle. Prolonged programme duration. For
areas with very soft water or for further improving the washing
S Less Iron
Special spin sequence with subsequent fluffing. Gentle final
spin  residual moisture in the laundry increased slightly.
Extends the washing time for a more intensive washing
ofâheavily soiled items.
Start/Reload $
For starting or pausing the washing/drying programme.
Signal volume (for button signal and information signal)
Childproof lock # Programme will not be changed by accidental operation.
To activate the childproof lock:
After the programme starts or finish in time being activated aPage 10, press and hold the
Finish in button for 5 seconds.;
Release when the # symbol lights up. If button signal is on, an acoustic signal will be heard.
When the programme ends, the Start/Reload $ indicator remains on to remind you to
deactivate the childproof lock.
To deactivate the childproof lock:
Touch the Finish in button until the # symbol turns off.
Release the button.
# symbol flashes if the programme has been changed while childproof lock is activated.
Ifâthe childproof lock is deactivated while the programme selector is in a different position from
when the childproof lock was activated, the running programme will be halted.
Set to  Press and
1 step clockwise Button signals Information signalsSet volume* Set volume*1 step clockwiseSet to Â1. Start signal mode2. Set volume for ... Release
*If required, set repeatedly
1 step clockwise

Additional functions and Individual settings

Please close the door immediately because of rising water level.
In pause status and are displayed alternately.
Door is locked for safety reasons (water level and/or temperature are too high).
For washing programme: In pause status, and are displayed alternately. If
you need to open the door, wait for the temperature to drop or drain the water (e.g. select
Rinse/Spin «/ or Drain > programme).
For drying programme: If you need to open the door, wait for the temperature to drop or
set drying programme for 15 minutes to cool down the laundry.
If is frequently indicated when the drying programme ends:
Clean the air inlet filter. aInstallation and maintenance instructions, Page 9
Run the Fluff Clean : (cold) programme without laundry.
Door cannot be locked/unlocked due to high temperature of the door lock. Keep the
machine switched on for about 1 minute. Then the machine can be locked/unlocked again.
Door cannot be opened due to the high temperature after the drying programme.
The cooling down process will continue until this display disappears and the door can be
Flashing (no water supply):
Tap turned on?
Inlet filter blocked? Clean filter. aInstallation
and maintenance instructions, Page 8
Supply hose kinked or blocked?
On (low water pressure):
Only information. No influence on the
programme process. The programme
duration will be prolonged.
Clean drain pump. aInstallation and maintenance instructions, Page 8;
outlet pipe/drainage hose blocked.
Hold down the { (Dry) button for 3 seconds to clear this display.
Clean the air inlet filter. aInstallation and maintenance instructions, Page 9
Run the Fluff Clean : (cold) programme without laundry.
other displays
Switch off the appliance, wait 5 seconds and switch it back on.
If the display appears again, call the customer service.

Safety instructions

Read and follow the operating and Installation and maintenance instructions and all other
information enclosed with the washer dryer.
Retain documents for subsequent use.
Risk of electric
Never pull out the mains plug by tugging the power cord.
Never insert/pull out the mains plug with damp hands.
Risk of death For worn-out appliances:
Pull out the mains plug.
Sever the power cord and discard together with the plug.
Destroy the lock on the washer dryer door. This will prevent children from
locking themselves in and risking their lives.
Risk of suffocation Keep packaging, plastic film and packaging parts out of the reach
Risk of poisioning Keep detergents and care products out of the reach of children.
Risk of explosion Items of laundry pretreated with cleaning agents containing solvents, e.g.
stain remover/cleaning solvents may lead to an explosion after being
loaded into the washer dryer.
Rinse items of laundry thoroughly by hand before.
Risk of injury Washer dryer door may become very hot.
Take care when draining hot detergent solution.
Do not climb onto the washer dryer.
Do not lean on the open washer dryer door.
Do not touch the drum in case it is still spinning.
Ensure that the pump cap is screwed on while the machine is running to
prevent the escape of water and contact with moving pump parts.
If a drying programme was interrupted, the washer dryer and the laundry
may be very hot, select Intensive Dry {cor Gentle Dry 8 and set 15
minutes programme to cool down the laundry, then remove the

Information on the display


What to do if ...

Water is leaking out.
Fit/refit drainage hose correctly.
Tighten the screw connection of the supply hose.
No water supply.
Detergent not dispensed.
Start/Reload $ not selected?
Tap not turned on?
Filter blocked? Clean the filter. aInstallation and maintenance
instructions, Page 8
Supply hose kinked or trapped?
Washer dryer door cannot
Safety function active. Programme stopped? aPage 5
(no final spin/drain) selected? aPage 5
Can be opened by emergency release only. aPage13
Childproof lock is activated? aPage10
Programme does not start.
Start/Reload $ or Finish in selected?
Washer dryer door closed properly?
Detergent solution is not
Clean the drain pump. aInstallation and maintenance
instructions, Page 8
Clean waste pipe and/or drainage hose.
Water not visible in the drum.
Not a fault  water below the visible area.
Spin result not satisfactory.
Wash small and large items of laundry together.
S Less Iron selected? aPage 10
Speed selected too low? aPage 10
Spin cycle performed several
Not a fault  unbalanced load detection system adjusts the
Compartment ~ not rinsed
out completely.
Remove the insert. Clean detergent drawer and insert it again.
aInstallation and maintenance instructions,Page 7
Odour formation in the
washer dryer.
Run the Fluff Clean . 90°C programme without laundry.
Use standard detergents.
Foam escapes from the
detergent drawer.
Too much detergent used?
Mix 1 tablespoon of fabric softener with ½ litre of water and
pour into compartment II in the detergent drawer.
Reduce detergent dosage for the next wash cycle.
Use commercially available low foam detergents and care
products which are suitable for use in washer dryer.
Excessive noise, vibrations
and wandering during spin
Are the appliance feet fixed?
Secure the appliance feet. aInstallation and maintenance
instructions, Page 5
Transportation safety devices removed?
Remove transport bolts. aInstallation and maintenance
instructions, Page 3
Display panel/indicator
lamps do not function while
the appliance is running.
Power failure?
Circuit breaker tripped? Reset the circuit breaker/change the
If the fault occurs repeatedly, call the customer service.
Programme sequence
longer than usual.
Not a fault  unbalanced load detection system adjusts
imbalance by repeatedly distributing the laundry.
Not a fault foam detection system active adds an additional
rinse cycle.
Detergent residues on the
Occasionally, phosphate-free detergents contain water-
insoluble residues.
Select Rinse/Spin «/ or brush off residues when the laundry
is dry.
Spinning noise during drying.
This is an innovative process called thermospinning to reduce
energy consumption during drying.
Differently coloured fluff from
the previous drying cycle is
redeposited to the laundry in
the following washing cycle.
Run the Fluff Clean . : (cold) programme without laundry
inside to remove fluff accumulated in the tub during tumble
Water inlet noise during
drying, Water tap symbol
isâflashing during drying.
The machine includes a self cleaning function to remove fluff
that is released from laundry during drying. This is done with
help of a small amount of tap water. Open the water tap also
during drying.
Drying duration extended.
According to the air cooling principle, higher environment
temperature will result in poor drying performance, so the
drying duration will be extended. Ensure a good ventilation
to remove exhaust heat.
Air inlet filter blocked? aInstallation and maintenance
instructions, Page 9: Clean the air inlet filter
Run the Fluff Clean . : (cold) programme without laundry to
remove fluff accumulated in the tub and drying system.
Drying programme does not
Drying programme not selected? aPage 10: Dry { option
button and Page 7: Programme overview
Loading door not closed properly?
Pump is blocked? aInstallation and maintenance
instructions, Page 8: Clean the pump
The drying result is not
satisfactory (laundry is not
dry enough).
Too high environmental temperature (above 30â°C) or bad
ventilation of the room, where the washer dryer is placed 
ensure good ventilation to remove exhaust heat.
The laundry has not been spun well enough before drying 
always set the highest selectable spin speed for all washing
Machine overload: please follow the load recommendation
in the progamme table and load display, do not overload
machine, because of maximum load amount for drying is lower
than for washing unload the machine after washing with
maximum load for washing and separate the load into two
drying cycles.
The line voltage of the power supply is too low (below 200âV)
 ensure suitable power supply.
Air inlet filter blocked?
aInstallation and maintenance
instructions, Page 9: Clean the air inlet filter
Thick multilayered textiles or textiles with thick fillings  these
textiles easily dry on the surface, but not inside. This
equalization process may take longer. Please use time drying
programs to completely dry these kinds of textiles.
A small amount of water is
observed dripping on the
dried laundry load when the
door is opened.
Drying time is shortened with a small load. Some residual
moisture may remain in the drying system. Opening the door
quickly creates a suction effect which pulls moisture from the
drying system.
Open the door slowly. Avoid jerking the door open.
If you cannot correct a fault yourself or a repair is required:
Turn the programme selector to  Off and pull the mains plug out of the socket.
Turn off the tap and call customer services.

Emergency release e.g. in the event of power failure

The programme will continue to run when the power is restored.However, if the laundry has to be removed, the washingmachine door can be opened as follows:Risk of scalding.The detergent solution and laundry may be hot.If possible, leave it to cool down.Do not open the washer dryer door if water can be seen through the glass.
Set the programme selector to ÂOff and disconnect the mains plug.
Drain the detergent solution. aInstallation and maintenance
instructions, Page 8 Pull the emergency release with a tool and release.The washer dryer door can then be opened.

What to do if ...


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