Antennas Direct DB2e specifications

Antennas Direct DB2e
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Antennas Direct DB2e specifications, prices, product images and videos.

Antennas Direct
DB2e | DB2-E
Television antenna
853748001408, 0853748001408, 0763615838634
EN - 2 (PDF)
Frequency range470 - 698 MHz
Antenna gain level (max)12 dBi
Impedance75 Ω
Product colourBlack,Silver
Maximum range72420 m
Conventional wisdom said that no improvement could be made to the bowtie antenna design. We’ve ended those misconceptions, finding performance far exceeding even our expectations. We have created an antenna the size of our original DB2, but with the performance of the DB4. This increased gain is not only relivent, but it has further enabled the trend of over-the-air TV viewership. The extended range of the Enhanced DB line can reach out further and receive additional broadcast channels that you couldn't watch before. The DB2e antenna is light years ahead of our competition. No other compact bowtie antenna can match the combination of its power, gain and value!