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Quick Start Guide
This product meets applicable
national SAR limits of 1.6 W/kg. The
specific maximum SAR values can be
found on page 18 of this user guide.
When carrying the product or using
it while worn on your body, either
use an approved accessory such as
a holster or otherwise maintain a
distance of 1.0 cm from the body to
ensure compliance with RF exposure
requirements. Note that the product
may be transmitting even if you are
not making a phone call.
The mobile phone is in compliance with the requirement of EN
60950-1: 2006 amendment A12: 2011. There will appear a warning
box when the volume level is over 4. If the user selects left soft
key in the warning box, the volume can be increased and the phone
will repeat the acknowledgement more than once every 20h of
cumulative listening time.
To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at
high volume levels for long periods. Exercise caution
when holding your device near your ear while the
loudspeaker is in use.
Your mobile �������������������
Left soft key
Call logs (idle screen)
Send call
Voice mail (long key-press)
Lock Key (long press
Right soft key
Power on/Power off
End call
Silent mode
Navigation key :
Menu/Confirm an option
Increase volume
Decrease volume
1�1 Keys
Navigation keyConfirm an option (press the middle of the key)Send callAccess to call log (idle screen)Power on/off the handset (long press)End callReturn to idleLeft soft keyRight soft keyDial the voice mail number (long press)From Idle screen- Press: enter zero- Press and hold: input +, "+" are used for dialing an international call.In Edit mode:- Long Press: input 0 (add numbers) From Idle screen- Press: input *- Long press: lock keypadIn Edit mode:- Press: change input methods- Long press:change writing languageFrom Idle screen- Press: input #- Press and hold: activate/deactivate silent modeIn Edit mode:- Press: input space- Long press: access the Symbols table
1�2 Idle screen icons
Battery charge level.
Silent mode: your phone neither rings, beeps nor vibrates.
Flight mode.
Headset connected.
Alarm clock programmed.
Missed calls.
Level of network reception.
Unread SMS.
Message full.
Call divert.
Getting started ������������
2�1 Set up
Removing and installing the back cover
1016GRemoving and installing the back coverRemoving and installing the battery Inserting and removing SIM
Removing and installing the battery
1016GRemoving and installing the back coverRemoving and installing the battery Inserting and removing SIM
Inserting and removing SIM
1016GRemoving and installing the back coverRemoving and installing the battery Inserting and removing SIM
Charging the battery
Connect the battery charger to your phone and outlet respectively.• The charging may take about 20 minutes to start if the battery is flat.• Be careful not to force the plug into the socket. • Make sure the battery is correctly inserted before connecting the charger.• The outlet must be near to the phone and easily accessible (avoid electric extension cables).• When using your telephone for the first time, charge the battery fully (approximately 3 hours). You are advised to fully charge the battery (
• To reduce power consumption and energy waste, when battery is fully charged, disconnect your charger from the plug; reduce the backlight time, etc.The charge is complete when the animation stops.
2�2 Power on your phone
Hold down the key until the phone powers on.
2�3 Power off your phone
Hold down the key from the idle screen.
Calls �������������������������������
3�1 Making a call
Dial the desired number, press the key to place the call. If you
make a mistake, you can delete the incorrect digits by pressing the
key. To hang up the call, press the key.
Making an emergency call
If your phone is covered by the network, dial emergency number
and press the key to make an emergency call. This works even
without a SIM card and without typing the PIN code or unlocking
the keypad.
3�2 Calling your Voice mail
You can see SIM voice mail in this menu.
3�3 Receiving a call
When you receive an incoming call, press the key to talk and
then hang up using the key.
3�4 Available functions during the call
During a call, you can use your directory, your calendar, text messages,
etc. without hanging up or dropping the call.
Contact your network operator to check service availability.
FM radio������������������
Your phone is equipped with a radio. You can use the application as
a traditional radio with saved channels. In FM radio interface, press
to play/pause the playing process of the current channel, press
and to tune volume.
Call logs ������������������
You can access your call history by pressing from the idle screen,
or press the key and select the icon from the menu.
In this menu, you will see all call history.
Alarm ����������������������
Your mobile phone has a built-in alarm clock with snooze feature.
Tools ������������������������
7�1 Calculator
Press the up, down, left, right and OK key to select +, - ×, ÷, x, and
= respectively.
Press to clear the figure.
7�2 Calendar
Once you enter this menu, there is a monthly-view calendar for you to
view the date; you can go to any day you want.
7�3 Convert
Converter support weight conversion and length conversion.
7�4 Torch
Turn on/off the torch whenever you need to. In idle screen, press and
hold 5 key to activate/deactivate the torch light.
7�5 Call Filter
You can create blacklist/whitelist through this function.
7�6 Services
STK service is the tool kit of SIM card. This phone supports the service
function. The specific items depend on SIM card and network. Service
menu will be automatically added to the phone menu when supported
by network and SIM card.
Message ��������������������
From the main menu select Message” to create text message. You can
type a message send it to a recipient in the SIM card directory. While
writing a message, select Options” to access all the messaging options.
Specific letters (accent) will increase the size of the SMS,
this may cause multiple SMS to be sent to your recipient.
Profiles ����������������������
The mobile phone provides multiple user profiles, so that you
can customise some settings to adapt to the specific events and
Games �������������������
This function enables you to enjoy simple games.
Contacts ���������������
11�1 Consulting your contacts
You can access your contacts by pressing from the idle screen, or
press the key and select the icon from the menu. In this menu,
you will see all contacts.
11�2 Add contact
Select the menu New contact” then save it to “Phone”, “SIM” as
you like.
Settings �����������������
From the main menu, select the menu and select the function of
your choice in order to customise your telephone: Phone settings, Call
settings, Network, Security, Restore factory settings.
Input mode
This mode allows you to type a text by choosing a letter or a sequence
of characters associated with a key. Press the key several times until the
desired letter is highlighted. When you release the key the highlighted
character is inserted into the text.
ALCATEL is a trademark of Alcatel-Lucent and is used under license by TCL Communication Ltd.© Copyright 2015 TCL Communication Ltd All rights reservedTCL Communication Ltd reserves the right to alter material or technical specification without prior notice.



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